Measuring A Week Or So Small

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MM - March 12

Hi, I'm a little concerned because I am now 30 weeks pregnant and measuring about 28-29 weeks. Last time I went to the Dr. for my 24th week app. I was measuring about 22-23 weeks. Does this mean by baby is too small for the week I am in? Does this mean the baby may be a week or two late, or is this perfectly normal? I'd like to hear others experiences or if anyone else measured too small and what it means if anything. Thanks!


gina - March 13

I would not worry too much.....unless your doc has told you something that needs to cause worry. There are a million reasons why you could be measuring small, and the honest truth is.....your doctor can only guess. He/She probably doesnt know the real reason. babies grow at different rates, so it is hard for the doctors "rule of thumb" to be 100% accurate for everyone. It could also mean you are not quite as far along as your doc originally thought. I can tell you a million things that I have heard doc's being wrong about, so as long as everything else is checking out OK......I doubt you have anything to worry over.


Drew - March 13

I have the same thing on the go right now. By my lmp I'd be 34wks 6days today, but by my last two u/s's, my baby is measuring 2 weeks he's bumped my due date back to May 2nd, putting me at 32wks 6days. All it really means is that you either ovulated late in your cycle, baby implanted later, or even a little of both. I'd ask your doctor about your due he/she going to go by your lmp date or the u/s date...when would they consider you overdue, or full term ect. Don't worry though, as long as their not worried about baby's health you'll be fine!! :)


ry - March 13

Hi MM, i dont think it is cause for concern. i thought i conceived a week later than the ultrasound measurements were saying originally. And now my uterus measures almost 2 weeks behind what the u/s says but the doctors say that is because i am really pet_te, who knows? Since its only about a week off i dont think its a big deal.


L - March 13

The measurements aren't an accurate measurement of conception date or expected due date as all babies grow at different rates. The mother's health, body condition, size, ethnicity, age, etc can all influence the babies rate of growth or the measured rate of growth. These measurements are based upon an average of the US population using a bell curve. This means that at 30 weeks, 50% of the babies will measure at the 30-wk mark, 25% will measure below, and 25% will measure above. Your doctor is looking for consistency in growth when s/he measures and not he actual measurement itself. A baby measuring 2 wks behind at 28 wks and than again 30 wks would be considered healthy. If your baby measured "normal" at 28 wks and then measured "small" at 30 wks, then your your dr would be alarmed. Keep in mind that measuring is subseptible to human error, mother's body condition, # of prev pgs, and position of the baby. Regarding a revision of your expected due date, well, a baby comes when it comes and the expected due date is just an estimate. Consider that a baby will grow 1/2 to 1 lb per week during the final weeks of gestation. Its possible for the same baby to be born at 38 wks weighing 7lbs or at 40 wks weighing 9 lbs. Either weight would be considered normal and healthy.



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