Measuring Big

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Christine - August 24

I know there was a thread about measuring too small but what about concerns for measuring too big? I am 24 weeks - will be 25 tomorrow 8-25. My Dr. measured today and she advised that I am 27 almost 28 and they are going to do another ultrasound. At all of my other ultrasounds (2 previously) they said everything seemed right on track and same with all of my other measurements. I asked if there was something to be concerned about but she just said "ummm not now, we'll do the ultrasound and go from there". This is not my normal Dr (my practice has 4 docs and you have to see each one at least 1 time in case they are the doc to delvier). Any input would be great! Thanks a bunch!


Heidi - August 24

I had this happen too. At my 20 wk visit I was measuring a few cm big but the ultrasound showed I was right on track at 20 wks. Then at 30 wks I measured about 32-33 cm and another ultrasound was ordered. The baby measured 30 wks and 3 days so all was well! I wouldn't worry about it! Everything was normal. My belly is just getting big!


Mom - August 24

I did too. I ended up with a large, but not huge, baby.


Lindsay - August 24

My sister had the same thing happen. She delivered hers on August 11th and the baby ended up weighing 7lbs even, so I wouldn't worry too much!


Kristy - August 24

Wow! thats so odd I just went threw the same thing last week I went for my check up doctor said I was measuring big then i was 29 weeks I also gained 8 lbs he said we will get a ultrasound then i was freaking out but today I went for my ultrasound and everything is is fine baby weighs about 3 lbs 13 oz... You prolly will have have a bigger baby.. I was worried to and couldnt find anything about measuring big, but you will be great!! good luck


Sonya - August 24

Me my 32 week appt. I was measuring 34 weeks. The same thing happended with my first son in 2002. He always measured big and ended up being 8.14 and 21 inches long. WIth that pregnancy I gained about 50 pounds, this time I am 33 weeks and I have gained 25 pounds and the baby is still measuring large. At my 21 week sonogram he was measuring 1 week 5 days larger. The intersting thing is I know exactly when I concieved because it was an insemination, so the day is not a mystery. I wouldn't worry.


niki - August 30

My first child measured big but I knew my due date was correct. They induced me on my due date and he was 10lbs 2oz.


Brooke - August 30

Are you guys going by the fundus measurements?? How should you measure at 26 weeks. I measured 29cm...... My doctor said that anything within 4 cm of your week is fine??? What have your doctors said??



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