Measuring Large For My Dates

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Janet - December 7

Hello, I just found out from my doc that I am measuring at 34 weeks when, according to my LMP (which I am sure of) I am 30 weeks. Also, she says the baby is 4.5 lbs already when he should only be around 3 at this point. She sent me for a 2nd glucose tolerance test to rule out gestational diabetes. the first one came back normal but she wants to double check to see if that is why he is big. Is anyone else measuring larger than they should?


v - December 7

hi janet i went through the same things at 34 weeks and i didnt have diabetes either i'm 37 weeks and my baby was over 7lbs last week i guess we just have big babys


Janet - December 7

Thanks V. I get the results probably tomorrow. I hope I am not diabetic... Are you going to deliver the baby or are you having a doc says if he turns out to be 9.5 lbs or more she will do a section on me.


monique - December 9

yes i am getting different answers from every doctor. they tell me i'm 29 weeks but i measure 32 weeks. at24 my son weighed 2 lbs that's large! i don't think they know they just guess, you baby will come out when he's ready.


Kim - January 6

went to doctor today, i am gaining a ton of weight. Tested neg to diabetes, but measured 36 weeks rather then 34. Now doc wants ultrasound done to check babies weight. Anyone else in this position?


Rainie - January 7

how much did you weigh at birth... women who were big babies typically give birth to bigger babies. personally i weighed 10lbs at birth, and i've measured at least 4 weeks ahead for the last 3 months, no gesational diabetes.


jenny - January 8

Janet-I had a 9lb.6oz.via natural childbirth, no epidural-and he made it just fine! Sections are hard to recover from-I've been there too.


Kimberly - January 11

I am now 26 weeks measuring 32 weeks. I tested negative for diabetes. The doc just says that the baby will be big....we shall see I guess.


v - January 12

kim- i have the same problem as far as weight,i gained 9 lb in 3 weeks they have me doing the diabetes test as well as 24 hr pee thing so its frustrating although im 32 weeks and measure 32!!!


Brenda - January 15

Hi! i also am measuring big (35 weeks at 31) but baby is right on at 4 lbs. (by ultrasound this week) Dr attributes it to having a very straight up and down carrry (no wonder I have never-ending heartburn!!!) and said that really, that measurement is more often wrong than not because we all carry differently- good luck with your testing!!


ranee - June 3

I measured 3-4 weeks ahead my whole pregnancy. I tested negative for diabetes, but it runs in my family. They say if it runs in your family, wiomen typically have larger babies. I am 39 weeks and my baby weighs 9lbs 11oz. I weighes 10lbs 4ozs when I was born.


Mimoza - June 4

Nothing to worry! I am 30 week along and measure 2-3 week in advance. Probably we will have big babies...better than small ones!!!


nicole - June 4

im measuring big for my dates, but i know that theyre wrong. so if i were to go by my own dates(mixup with lmp during first appt. so they did an u/s and went by the latter dates it said, rather than the earlier ones which would be right) then im right on schedule, but nonetheless hes a big boy.


Rachel - June 5

My doc said I was large to date too. I will be get another ultrasound done this week. I am now at 30 weeks. I hope it doesn't turn up anything bad. I don't think it will.


Addie - June 16

Hi there Janet, I too am large for date. I am 34 and am measuring 37. Doc says that in two weeks we will do an ultra-sound if its still large on the next visit. She also rea__sured me that the baby's head was also very large. I guess I'm in the league with big babies.


lidia - June 16

I have gestational diabetes and


lidia - June 16

sorry about that but the doctor said that I was measuring 36 and I was 33 weeks and they did a u/s and they said my baby weighed 5 pounds I have another u/s at 38 weeks I wonder how much there going to tell me the baby is going to weigh then. how much could the baby gain in 5 weeks and if my baby weighed that much at 33 weeks how much will it be at 40 weeks? the doctor said that there not going to let me go over 40 weeks that they will induce



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