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Jennifer - April 20

hi everyone, I am currently 36 weeks 37 on tuesday, and for the past couple of weeks ive been measuring small and it seems like at every doctors appointment Im measuring at least 2 weeks behind. The doctor ordered a U/S even though she said shes not worried just to make sure the baby is growing. I was wondering if anyone knows how common this is or if anyone is going through the same thing. She said one reason could be that I just carry the baby more compactly because i'm tall (5'10), but im still not to sure.....


lc - April 20

I am going through the same thing. I have an ultrasound today. I will let you know what they say.


mom.2.5 - April 20

I too am 5'10 and I am at 177 now at 34 1/2 weeks. I have been measuring 2-3 larger. I have had U/S after U/S, all I hear is that I'm going to be having a large boy. I have 4 other kids, and with all of my pregn. I have trouble getting my cervix to come down until its time for the baby to come out, I just think everyone is different and there are no 2 peoples preg. the same. If your dr says its growing then I wouldn't be to concerned. None of my 5 pregnancies have been alike, this one I have PIH and never had it with any of the rest, so just take care and hopefully it won 't be long before you have a beautiful baby-keep us posted on what the md says!


lc - April 20

After I did the ultrasound, we found out that I am now measuring 35 weeks instead of 34. The baby is in a ball position and they think this is why the measurements were small.


bean - April 20

I'm 39 weeks and measure only 37. I had an u/s done (just a position check, not because of baby concern) and asked them to estimate the weight. She weighed about 5lbs 12ozs at 37 weeks (2 weeks ago) - which sounded REALLY small to me - but the dct confirmed that she's right on target and showed me the ranges to make me feel better. I'm 5'5 and pre-pg was about 125lbs. I've gained 39lbs and have been really healthy, even though everyone says I look really small to be due in a week. I guess it's just that it's a first baby. Hey - hopefully our bellies will bounce right back after delivery! :)


sphinxminx - April 20

Hi ladies I am 37 weeks and measuring 35 weeks doc says it is the way my little one is lying in my belly he or she prefers lie straight across, I have a gymnast in there. Keeping my fingers crossed baby has turned for good this time and the head is down.


Jennifer - April 24

hi everyone i went for an Ultrasound and although I had been measuring small the U/S actually showed I was 2 weeks ahead saying my due date should be may 5th rather then the 16th. It also said that the baby weighs around 7lbs 8 oz but we all know that could be off. So even though Im measuring small and don't "seem" to be 37 weeks the babies actually doing quite well. thank you every1 for your responses



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