Measuring Small

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Confused - July 12

I'm 35 +3 weeks pregnant, the baby has dropped to a -1 station, I am 70% effaced and a fingertip dialated. Today at an appointment they said that the baby was measuring small, as was my belly (though that was partially due to the dropping). I don't have any risk factors of having a low birth weight baby (smoking, drug/alcohol use, maternal illness, fetal defects, etc) yet she's still measuring small. The doctor there said that they won't let me go past my due date and may want to try to get me to have her a week or a week and a half ahead of time. If the baby continues to measure small on my next visits, will they induce me, or just wait it out? I'll ask at my next visit in a few days, but I don't want to wait til then to have an idea of what's going to happen. Anyone know any information that may be useful? Will I be induced, and if so, how soon would they do it?


Jodie - July 12

I was measuring small with my first so my dr sent me off for an ultrasound at 38 weeks, only to find out that she was around 8lb


Mimoza - July 12

Ask for an ultrasound!


chelsey - July 12

I am 34 weeks, but my baby measures for about 30 -31 weeks. I've had 5 u/s, and get to find out this friday if they will take baby out next week. Sometimes, my doctor said, the baby will do better outside the mom than inside. Taking them out lets them keep a closer eye on things. So if they take my baby out, I will almost be 36 weeks, baby will be about 3 1/2 pounds. He'll have to stay in the hospital for about 2 -3 weeks, but should be fine. Even though your baby is measuring small, they may still leave him in. The reason they may take him/her out is if it has stopped growing or is growing at a very slow rate. I know that if they take my aby out, I'll have to have a c-section.. for 2 reasons..1. he's breech..2. v____al delivery can cause too much stress. Goodluck to you and your baby. I understand totally how scared you must be..


chelsey - July 12

oh, one more thing.. my placenta is calcified, (scarred), and my baby isn't getting the proper flow of nutrients, thats why he is measuring small. Any infections (bladder, kidney), can also cause low birth weight babies.


shana - July 12

Iam measuring very small too. Iam 38 wks and the doc said she'll probley be about 4 lbs.


Jenny - July 13

How have you been measuring up until now? Normal?


Chris - July 13

I would worry about him saying he wants to induce BEFORE doing an ultrasound. Those measurements arent that accurate. Baby could have been in a place that changed how big your belly was. Baby could be smaller than he/she should be. Could be lack of amnio fluid. Could be that he normally measures starting at ONE point of pubic bone and this time he went a little higher. When you measured "off" he should have sent you straight to u/s. My doc is an apparent idiot and she even did this.


MichelleB - July 14

I have just been ordered to go for an Ultrasound for same reason (I am 35 weeks and measuring 31). She did mention early delivery, but I didnt understand until I read these messages. What reasons could their be for measuring small, besides low amniotic fluid, or baby has dropped?



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