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NovemberMommy - October 26

Im 36 weeks pregnant and im measuring 4 weeks ahead. i had two ultrasound before that confirmed my due date. so why else would i be measuring so big?


DDT - October 26

Baby's positioning, high fluid level, big baby....ect. these are some of the reasons I know of that can cause you to measure ahead. What did your doc say? Regardless, because your 2 previous u/s's confirmed your due date so there is no way they could have gotten your due date wrong. Good luck...


DDT - October 26

I also want to add that when I hit around 35-36wks my baby dropped which caused my measurements to be a week behind. This may still happen you if and when your baby drops before labour.


NovemberMommy - October 26

my doc said it could be a big baby caused from too much pop and junk food, big babies run in my family so that could be it. My baby's dad is big so that could cause a big baby. She said i cant drink or eat anymore sweets untill i have him


Tory1980 - October 27

Never heard of what you eat causing big babies - my sister could only eat sweets and drink coke through her first pregnancy as it was all she cold keep down. Nothing else worked and her son weighed 6lb15oz so not that big at all. genetics play a factor so if big babies run in the family it isn;t ncommon for it to be pa__sed down. As for it measuring big - that is based on an average scale. All he is is at the minute is on the bigger end of their scale. The only real problem you need to worry about is if you could have a problem delivering. Is the baby measuring big on u/s or just by feeling stomach/tape measuring? With the previous u/s confirming due date I really wouldn't worry. Not long now!


lil-miss-saunders - October 29

Im having the opposite problem to you, all i hear is how small i am. I could still hide my bump up till 6 and a half months pregnant. I went to the bank when i was about 34 weeks and i told the lady i was pregnant and she asked how long i had left. When i said 6 weeks she nearly fell off her chair and said she was expecting me to say i had only just found out. From the stomach tape measuring im about 3 - 4 weeks behind what i should be. Ive been sent for another scan because they were worried about the size of the baby but she was perfectly fine and at normal size. Try not to worry too much. Good luck x


jfabes - November 11

I always measured normal" and my 1st son was 9 lbs. 2 oz. measurement or ultra sound can't tell you the truth always:)


margie - November 12

i was measuring big at my last appointment and they did a fetal measurement with ultrasound and she was estimated around 4 and a half pounds which was right on point for how far along i am...they think it was caused by high fluid levels, its possible the baby had just let a lot of fluids out of her body right before they measured...the fluid is constantly being recycled, the baby will drink it and then pee it out. also the position of the baby can cause you to measure bigger from the outside. it is possible you have a big baby in there..but there are other posibilities too.



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