Medicaid Birth Certificate

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anon - August 11

to lisa from Il: I dont think the father will get billed, especially if they arent married.


Lisa from IL - August 11

thanks very much anon


maya - August 11

I'm on medicaid, regular insurance and wic. I work, my boyfriend works two jobs and live together. We never lied about our situation with the caseworker or with wic and the person over at wic saw that we made to much and she just fudge the numbers herself. my boyfriend is only responsible for 1/2 of birth and delivery cost. For those of you saying "if you can't afford to have a baby you shouldn't have one", are able to take on the full burden of the cost of pregnancy and birth without insurance picking up thier share? I have insurance but it doesn't cover the pregnancy, some insurances are like that. it's not by choice. and no, i don't $8,000 or $9,000 dollars that i can just whip out. if that's something you can afford, props to you. but because some of us can't, don't be out preaching you shouldn't have children until you've walked a mile in somebody else's shoes. for those who abuse the system, it comes back around. it usually does.


To Plain and Simple - August 11

So, are you saying that children born into poor families shouldn't have come into the world? You don't know everyone's circ_mstances, and why they happen to need government programs that were put in place to HELP people, so quit judging! Plenty of people have come from poor backgrounds and gone on to be productive members of society. There have always been slackers, but not everyone receiving a__sistance is a slacker. You need to broaden your view.


fay - August 11

well i guess you guys really got a hot sister didn't apply for medicaid when she got pregnant and she wanted to pay the bills personally..she paid for every visit and she preffered day suddenly when she went for a visit she was told that she is on medicaid from now on..she was shocked and told them that she didn't wanted that, but still they forced her to have it. i guess now i know the reason that bcoz she was a single parent...the medicaid is only for 60 days..she is not working but still wants to pay her bills by herself and don't want the medicaid..well she don't want child support for her baby too.. she is gonna put the father's name on the birth certificate for sure, not for father's support or any thing but bcoz that baby should have his real father's name...for sure the father is much welling to have his name on the birth certificate though whatever the cost questions are: what is the different between pregnancy medicaid and child support? will she get the child support when she don't want to? will the she get delivery bill from medicaid after her child birth?? does she has to marry the baby's father inorder to add the name in the birth cerificate? what if she don't want to marry? can she get insurance for the child individually after being born and not from father's insurance?? i will be greatful if some one answers me with good knowledge in sister wants to pay every thing for her baby and not own anyone a penny...thanx


Jennifer - August 12

First of all I can't believe this post. I have seen some pretty ridiculous posts on here before but this one takes the cake. I know that "accidents" happen but if you don't have insurance and/or a job, I don't believe that you need to be sleeping around without some serious protection in order to prevent a pregnancy in the first place. And Secondly, tell the truth. I have to pay for my insurance every month just like a lot of people on this website do and we don't appreciate knowing that our premiums/taxes go up every year to take care of people who abuse/lied/defraud the system. The system is a safety net but it is not the governments responsiblity to pay for you to have a baby. In my honest opinion the government isn't responsible for making sure that people have a place to live either. I think that it's wrong that you have lied to Medicaid, I hope for your babies sake that you dont' get caught because that's Federal Fraud!


- August 12

dont list his name anywhere hun. tell em you cant remember or it could be anyone. get all the benefits you can. ur not the only one. ur not alone. leave the fathers name off and spare him being contacted by the state atty gens office. no need to explain your situation to these women who dont understand. just pay the taxpayers back by being one when you can and using the benefits wisely. have a good one and god bless.


Advice - August 12

Britney I think it is not a big deal to say someone else name if that what you want. Just tell the hospital do not put his name on the birth c. for now and go back and do it later. Just say the DNA showed that your husband(no legally) is the father.


To britney from lindsey - August 12

Please ignore all the people bad mouthing you. Yes you may have with held information on your application. But they wouldnt have gone after him anyway, in the 2 states i have dealt with, Oregon and Washington, they do not seek child support unless you are receiving cash benifeits and you cannot qualify for them until your nineth month anyway. I got the oregon health plan when i was pregnant with my daughter, i put the fathers name down on the paper work, we did not live together. At the hospitol he was there and he signed the papers and when i sent for the birth certificate he was on it. the papers at the hospitol called "paternity papers" must be sighned by the father infront of the nurse or they will not put him on the birth certificate unless you are married. Because i only received health coverage they did not seek childsupport, after the baby was born she never used health insureance from the state, she went directly onto his insureance. I think i remember you saying that is what you planned on doing. I really wouldnt worry about it, and im pretty sure its safe to put him on the birth certificate if he wants to be. Your not a leach and dont let anyone make u feel bad, not everyone understands that health care is not handed to you with every job you get. and sometimes people truely do need the help and they shouldnt feel bad in takeing the help they need after all you pay taxes too dont ya? i have a friend that works at a state office where people get food stamps, welfare and health coverage. She said just what i thought, as long as you dont get cash a__sistance they will not go after him for support. Its doubtful that anyone will even check back in the paper work for a fathers name, and if they do just say you werent sure who the father was but now by the timeing you no it wasnt who you thought befor. Its a little embara__sing but they will buy it im sure. but i doubt they will even ask. Good luck! lindsey


Anon- for lindsey - August 12

well, in the states Ive been and worked in, thats wrong. as soon as you apply for medicaid benefits, they do seek out the father in most states. and rightfully so, its his responsibility to help this child out, and maintain some kind of health coverage if possible for the baby as well. it takes two to create a child, why do washington and oregon say the mother is the only legally responsible relative? I work for the welfare office in New York like your friend does, and here they do attempt to get support from the father. And thats what they should do. It may be all fun and games now when the baby isnt here yet, but how about later when the baby needs something, from clothes to a home to live in, should something go wrong? then a fake name on the BC could be disasterous.


to anon from lindsey - August 12

I understand where you come from but i in no way ment that she should put a fake name on the birth certificate. And to your comment about the men being held accountable in or. and wa., they are held accountable if and when the mother asks the state for help getting child support or if she applys for cash benifets. The health coverage is given to pregnant woman without going after men for that money i dont know exactly why. I thank good ness for the state allowing pregnant woman to have health care if they meet requirements because pregnancey and deliverey are very expensive. Without that mothers would owe thousands of dollars and maybe even be refused the care that they and their unborn child need. There arent too many jobs around here that have benifets for employees, all or most of the good benifet jobs go to the people that have college education, not everyone does. Things happen in our lives, unexpected things that cause a persons life to change, sometimes a person needs help, i beleave its ok for a person to except state help if they need it and i wish others would quit stereotyping the ones that except the help they need. i no you werent doing that to anyone in your post to me anon, i just wanted to throw that in because some people just dont understand. Thanks lindsey


fay - August 12 one yet answered my question?? i will be glade and thankful if some does...


Anon- for lindsey and Fay - August 12

hi Lindsey, I do understand what you mean, and even here in NY where they do pursue finding the father, they do want all unborn children covered with medical care, youre right about that. I was saying in one of my earlier posts that no one in the gov't wants an unborn baby to be without medical care... for sure. The thing is, the fathers were there to make this baby, its a shame theyre off the hook from caring for it. Although I do see your point about medical coverage not being the same as welfare or food stamps etc. I still think that these men need to be held accountable for the expenses incurred by the life theyre creating. the sad thing is that its often the mothers (Brittany for example) that are letting these men off the hook, as if the baby "isnt their responsibility". I cant agree with that at all. The baby needs to be these mens responsibility - from conception to birth to childhood, adolescence, to adulthood. Too many fatherless babies, and one main reason is that the moms make excuses for them to not be "responsible". But I cant state enough times that once the baby is no longer a baby, and the man is by that point with a new woman and has 3 other kids, these women are severely going to regret putting that fake name on the birth certificate. Ive seen that OTHER side to it many many times in my job- where a woman has a 12 year old and needs school clothes and supplies, and the father wont pay a dime, partially because she never acknowledged him when the baby was born and now he says "not my kid!". Also, if the father gets any kind of benefits of his own, like disability, SSD or death benefits if he pa__ses away, that kid is ent_tled to NOTHING unless that mother did the right thing from the get go. Thats all I am trying to say. You have valid points, for sure. I just cant condone lying on a birth certificate "just for a few months because the father has his own bills and wouldnt qualify due to his income". Thats a crutch. I agree with what youre saying, that people should be allowed (and encouraged!) to get state help when they need it. I think the thing people are upset about in this thread isnt that, but that people feel its okay to lie to get around the system. sure, its great to get state help, but there are qualifying factors put in place for a reason, and when one person cheats the system, it breaks down that system. ----fay, medicaid is medical coverage only, child support is money thats taken from the mans paycheck that gets processed thru social services or family court, and sent to the mother of the child for income to help raise the child. no she doesnt have to be married to put his name on the b/c. Its a good thing for her to do it tho, that child has a right to a name and to know who his father is. I dont THINK she will get billed for the birth, thats the whole point of medicaid, is to cover that, it isnt a loan.. :) (unl;ess you are a total fraud and then they CAN get the money back by taking the person to court, but that isnt the situation with your sister so dont worry). As for if she can get the baby seperate health insurance, generally if she doesnt live with/isnt married to the father, she can do what she wants. Some states will try to pursue the father to add the baby to his health insurance at work (which would be the best thing for the child) and some dont unless the couple are together. I dont know if they will force her to pursue child support, thats up to the individual state. But it is in her best interests to do so.


To Anon - August 13

Thanx for answering my question Anon, i appericiate ur efforts...u know it's not easy to mess up with govt and i wish that no one does that. i know few ppls go through hard time and i pray to God to help them..i don't understand one thing Anon why did she get medicaid when she didn't even apply and didn't wanted it?? she definitly wants to give the father's name in the birth certificate and the father won't forgive her she didn't..The father will support the baby any how even if she didn't apply for tell me in kentucky will the govt force her to have child support even if she don't want to??and it will be good if the father's insurance cover's the baby...some one told me the medicaid which the mother is receiving will be billled to the father after the baby is born?? just want to make sure coz the father is already paying the mother for every thing?


anon for Fay - August 13

well, u could call the office to find out, but most states do not bill the father UNLESS there is a fraud committed (theyre married and living togther and lied about it) - otherwise I dont think hed get billed, but u can always call anonymously to find out. I think some states open the medicaid case automatically just tobe sure the fetus/baby has medical coverage. no one wants the baby to go without insurance. the reason they pursue child support is becuase they want to put it in writing, on the record, what the man has to pay, in case he changes his mind.. he may agree to pay now, but a lot of guys get into a new relationship and change their minds. thats why many states want to get that court paperwork filed, to be sure he is legally obligated to pay, it isnt a choice but a responsibility. unless theyre married, he could change his mind at any time and up and disappear, which is why they want a paper trail. good luck!!


TO anon - August 13

well they aren't yet but in future they are surely gonna get married and live together with their baby.....does she has to fill up a seperate form or file for child support or she will get it automatically by giving the father's name in birth certificate? ..the father is welling in every way he can even if the mother wants to file for child support..i guess the govt is not that stupid inorder to not find one if some one is doing fraud, they can easily find out his info when they get the name and all information of the father..and when u don't do wrong,,wrong doesn't happen to u!! right..thanx Anon



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