MEGA Weight Gain Anyone

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anamariaflorencia - May 28

Come share your weight gain! I don't know what happened, but in the last week and a half I gained 8 pounds! It was memorial day weekend and I probably did eat more than usual, but still, 8 pounds!?!?! My body still looks ok, but my face and double chin took a toll. Anyone else have rapid weight gain like this?


softbreeze200 - May 28

So far I ahev been pretty good Anna - but I had my two week appt today and I have gained four pounds in two weeks. That is double the recomended. Not too good I don't think. Doc didn't say anything, she just raised her eyebrows!! :) eeps! :)


luckymenm23 - May 28

I have gained almost 40 poundsand still have 6 weeks left and i hate that i have gained this much. im just hoping i can loose it all after i have the baby... i am dieting for sure :)


preggosauce - May 28

Ahhh my favorite topic. I always tell everyone that pregnancy would be so much more fun and enjoyable if I didn't gain so much freakin' weight! My first I gained 56 pounds. This one I'm 31 weeks and Im up 33 pounds already. I don't get it. I don't eat a ton. I feel sooooo blah about it. My face and neck feels like a puffy marshmellow. Anyway...looks like I'll have A LOT of work to do again after this baby is born!


anamariaflorencia - May 28

56 pounds! Woah. I don't get it. I'm not eating a ton either but it's just packing on. Did your doctor ever say anything to you about it?


LIN - May 29

I never gained that much in a week, but by the end of my pregnancy (35 weeks) I gained 50 lbs. The same thing happened to my twin sister, and she ran 4 miles a day for 7 months and ran a marathon at 4 months! I'm convinced it just depends on your body type. I doubt there was much either of us could have done to prevent gaining so much weight.


krissy2006 - May 29

In my second tri there was one 4 week period where I gained 12 lbs... and then just these last 2.5 weeks I gained 8 lbs as well for a grand total at 36.5 weeks of 66 lbs gained. EEEEEKKKK!!! While ma__sive weight gain is a sign of pre-eclampsia it cannot be diagnosed based solely on it. If you have pre-eclampsia you will probably also have super abnormal swelling, possible fevers, headaches, episodes of light headedness, elevated blood pressure etc, accompanies by the weight gain. If your blood pressure etc is ok, pre-eclampsia is probably not the culprit. At first in my pregnancy my doc thought I needed a nutritionist but even after seeing one etc and gaining more weight than "recommended" at each visit she started a__sociating my weight gain with water retention and my body type and not so much as to how much and what I was eating. She told me today at my appt that I will probably be one of those moms who loses 30-40 lbs in the first month after birth just from water weight alone. I am praying this is true.


Deserae90 - May 29

Hi guys! I just entered my third trimester and I've gained about 30 pounds so far. I'm a little worried because I've heard you gain the most the last couple months : / ah well. As long as we're healthy, right?


LIN - May 29

I just thought I'd add that within a week of my son's birth, I lost 25 of those 50 lbs. Sadly, in the seven months since then I've only lost another 8 lbs. Ugh. I keep hoping that I'm one of those people who finally lose weight after they're done b___stfeeding.


preggosauce - May 29

Yeah, I should say that with my first pregnancy (and weight gain of 56 pounds) I DID have pre-eclampsia. After the birth I lost the first 20 pounds really fast. Then, I was literally STUCK. For some reason my body did not want me to lose the weight, and I wasn't b___st feeding! PLUS, I thought, ok, 56 pounds, I bet the baby weighs a lot ! Haha, NO she was only 5 pounds. So, I wish I could say that I had retained a lot of water...but no. Hopefully this time around the weight will be a little easier to lose....


cors1wfe - May 29

ok I have glanced over the responses and I think I have you all beat! with my first baby I gained a whopping 85 pounds! I went from 120 to 205 the night I checked in to be induced!! I did lose it all after a year - when I had my second baby I gained 50 pounds - now I am pregger with number 3 and have only gained 9 pounds BUT - that is because I never lost the weight from the second baby - my doctor would like to see me gain 17 pounds but I am 35 weeks and not very optimistic about gaining another 10 pounds or so we'll see - baby measures right on and not small so he is not too concerned - I was borderline pre-eclampsia and after I started to show signs of it I was induced 2 days before my due date! my son was only 7 pounds 9 oz and it took me a year to lose that 80 pounds! I think towards the end of my first pregnancy I gained 12 pounds in one week - I was not my docs favorite patient but oh well


anamariaflorencia - May 29

Wow, I'm glad to see I'm not alone. I don't know how we're able to hold and add so much weight. Do your doctors tell you anything about the weight gain? Preggo, what did your doctor say about your pre-clampsia? Did you have to do anything special? Is it a dangerous condition to have?


lilybug1105 - May 29

Ahh good topic... I thought i was all alone. I have gained 47 pounds in 30 weeks of pregnancy. and this is baby #3 so you think i would have learned. The doctor had a nice eye raised moment. What yourself. was all she said. lol With baby number one i gained 53 pounds and with number 2 i gained 20!!


preggosauce - May 29

Ana- When I went in for a routine check-up at 37 weeks the dr informed me that I had protein in my urine (I had done a 24 hour unrine test two days earlier). He told me right then and there I was NOT leaving the hospital and I would be staying until I delivered. When I got up to Labor and Delivery I asked if they could just induce me, instead of making me stay in the hospital and chancing that the pre-eclamspia would get worse. They agreed. So, at 37 weeks I was induced. Other than that, there had been no real intervention beforehand. As long as you are going to regular check-ups the dr's can usually tell if you are heading towards getting pre-eclampsia. I didn't even know I had it until the Dr's told me I did.


melissap - May 29

With #1 I gained 78 lbs, and then lost 35. With #2 I only gained 18 but I was horribly sick the whole time and after I had him I lost everything from the last 2 pregnancies. With #3 I gained another whopping 75lbs and have lost 30 and that was 6 months ago. I am hoping I can shed a little more. I was underweight but that is a little much!



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