Membrane Stripping How Long Now

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Nicole1 - April 19

How soon after you had your membrane stripped did you go into labor? I had it done today and I heard/read it works for some people and others it just makes you uncomfortable. I would like to take my own poll. Also if it works for me I will let you know. My due date is today and I am 3 cm dialated.


cteel - April 19

Could you tell me what membrane stripping means? Does everyone get that done? I am a 1st timer. Does the doctor do that?


Nicole1 - April 19

It helps to ripen your cervix. The Dr takes her/his fingers and rotates them 360 degrees in your helps to soften your cervix which can promote labor or just make you really uncomfortable. I have read different things I am just hoping that it will help kick start my contractions. Not evey Dr does it. I think you already have to be dialated. Talk to your Dr and they can tell you more.


mom2b2x - April 19

Nicole... did it make you uncomfortable.. one lady said it just felt like a reg internal to her and that she was not uncomfortable at all ... also i read that it was suppose to make you go into labor within like 24-48 hours after if you were ready but i have not read very many success stories with it ... maybe it will work for you ..gluck


MJM - April 19

When my were stripped I was 2 cm dialated and did not go into labor for 2 weeks. Some ppl go into labor within 48 hours but not all of us


Nicole1 - April 19

mom2b2x .....It was alot of pressure but not too bad. Worse than an internal for me. I am 3 cm dialated and my cervix has thinned to 75%. I have read alot of different things about it...I think it is a 50/50 chance whether it will do anything. I read that if anything will happen it will be within the first 72 hours. I have had 3 strong contractions today but nothing else. I hope it works or it helps...if it doesn't work they are going to induce me on Monday. This is my first baby...I have never been through this before. I was trying to find someone on here that it worked for.


mom2b2x - April 19

Well when i had my first they did not strip my membranes but i was induced and it was GREAT!! i was in labor for 5 hours and only pushed 3xs... its not that bad actually i think the most painful thing for me was my IV and the catheter (they gave it to me before i got my epi) .. good luck to you and i do remember reading a thread on here where they were talkin about this same subject if i come across it again i will let you know where it is


ssmith - April 20

Mom2b2x--when you were induced, what did they do? I am supposed to be induced very soon, and am a bit nervous about it. You seemed to have a good experience, just wondering how you were induced?? Thanks!


mom2b2x - April 20

ssmith~ i di dhave a great experience i went in at 5am and they monitored me till 8 and the dr came in andd checkied if was having contractionsor any change then he broke my bag of water it is a lil painful but not to serious and they started the pitocin and when i started contracting they gave a pain shot and then a couple of hours later i got my epi ... i went from 7 cm at 100 to fully dilated at 130 and you know when it is time it is not painful but you feel alot of pressure at 145 i started pucshing and i pushed 3xs and she was born at 202 it wa awesome and actually even though i havent done it any other way i prefer industion becausei was monitored the whole time so i was very relaxed and carefree during my l&d becasue of it... Good luck to you all


Nicole1 - April 30

Well the membrane stripping worked. My water broke 12 hours after I had my Membrane stripped and I had my little boy the next day. I think your cervix needs to be ready in order for it to work. I was already 75% effaced. Good luck to all...but if your ready ask your Dr to try it. It might work for you too.


Daniella - May 2

Nicole- Thank you so much!!!! I sure hope I follow your shoes. I am 39 weeks and have been 3 cm dilated for 3 weeks and was 80% effaced last week. Today I had my 39 week apt. and was 4 cm dilated and about fully effaced. Baby was even with my pelvis. The doctor stripped my membranes. That was about 4 hours ago. I have been feeling a bit crampy, etc. more so in my back. Anyhow, I am hoping that I end up like you and go into labor tonight. :) The doctor said he really thinks I'll have the little one 24-48 hours. Oh, also... having a boy as well!!! How cool!! How long was your total labor, and what happened?? I am going for the all natural labor. No epi. etc. My doctor said it should be easier for me since I am already 4 cm. So, its not like I'm going from nothing. Once again, congrats on your little boy!!!


melissa20 - May 2

i am 37wks today and also had my membranes striped at my apt 2day.. he told me i was 2cm dilated he didnt say how effaced or anything.. i should have asked :/ but he said he expects me to go within 72 hrs.. but he cant be forsure its just one of those things u have to wait and see, but i have been crampy pretty much since he did it.. and ive been bleeding since, but not alot. think it made my backache also.. but i dont guess thats cause to go to the not even sure what a contraction is but i guess i will know when 2 go :) haha



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