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Gemini_Girl - February 1

Hey all, my EDD is Feb 7th (thurs) but ive been told if ive not had baby by Tues 12th Feb, I will be offered a membrane sweep that day and also given an induction date, just incase the sweep doesnt work! Obviously I want to try anything to get baby out but Im unsure about the sweep, my SIL had one last year, 24 hours later she started bleeding really heavily, the baby went into distress had a bowel movement, she had to be rushed for a C-section baby swollowed Meconium, so had to be in incubator for a few hours - although all worked out well in the end! Is this a common thing to happen? can anyone recommend the proceedure, also does it bring on labour?


goldfish - February 1

sory what is this memrane sweep?.


Tammy276 - February 1

Goldfish, a membrane sweep is when the doctor sweeps their fingers between your cervix and the bag of water. This releases hormones that can bring on labour. Gemini_girl, any form of induction can bring stress to the baby causing it to have a bowel movement in utero. I don't think the membrane sweep is what caused her to bleed heavily, maybe it was just a coincedence. A membrane sweep is not actually a form of induction. It will release hormones and if your body is ready can aid in labour. If the membrane sweep works, you will be in labour within hours. It helps for some, but not all. I had it done w/ my son and it didn't do anything for me. I had it done w/ my daughter when I was 38 weeks ( I was already 4cm and 80% and in pain), my appt. was early afternoon and by 9 that night I was having contractions.... had her the next morning. So it really all depends on if your baby and your body are ready for it. Sometimes labour period is just too much for the baby and causes them to have a bowel movement, it doesn't necessarily happen all the time with induction.... Good luck to you and I hope you have an easy labour!


sarah21 - February 2

A membrane sweep does not usually cause the issues your friend had. My sister in law had it with all 5 kids and it put her into labor the same day every time with no problems. I think it was probably coincidence and would have happened regardless of the sweep or not.


sarah21 - February 2

Oh I meant the coincidence was the issues you were talking about, not going into labor. Once your body is ready and the baby is ready, a membrane sweep is usually just the right stimulus to get things moving. Sorry my post was confusing. There is definitely something to be said for proofreading!


Marys Jaime - February 3

I had my membranes sweeped (sp) 3 times with my first baby and nothing happened. He ended up being evicted via pitocin and 2 weeks overdue. :)


cfuller - February 4

I had a membrane sweep too but i was already in the hospital being induced with cervadil when the doc did it. It hurts pretty bad when they do it. I don't know if it really brings on labor or not since i didn't start labor on my own anyway. Good luck with your delivery!



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