Menstral Cramps 34 Weeks

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mommie - November 11

Early morning at bout 5 am i started getting what felt like menstral cramps in my lower stomach, i thought well maybe i have to go to the bathroom for a #2 (lol) so i tried :) went back to bed and the cramps seems to progress so i got up and watch tv and they somewhat went away,.... great i went back to bed ...ya right from that time on it seemed like the cramps were getting worse with some pain in my lower back, but i am not sure whether to associate the lower back pain with pain from sweeping my floor last night. it is now 830 am and i still feel slight cramps, this is my second child but he is now 6 and i really dont remember having these with him at is still very active as i type anyone else experiencing this at all ? if it keeps up till afternoon i may call my dr ... anything to ease my mind would help since i barely slept :)


Erin - November 11

I have had some cramping lately too (I'm 36 wks) and my baby is also really active. I'm going to the dr. today, but last time I went a few weeks ago she told me that cramping is normal and could be a form of Braxton hicks, along with the back pain (which I also get), I wouldn't worry too much unless it doesn't go away or gets increasingly uncomfortable.


Mary - November 11

Hi there I am at 32 wks and I have been having cramps as well. I though I also lost my mucos plug or part of and went to the dr and they did this test and if the test came up positive I could go in labor in a few weeks not that I will but it is a high posibility. The dr told me when in doubt call so my advice is to call hope that helps


j - November 11

how do they test you to see if you will go into labor early? how long til you get the results back? will they do it if you ask them to or do you need a reason to?


Jennifer - November 11

I'm 35 weeks and am having the cramping too. I've noticed that mine is always at night. It's definitley a different feeling from the Braxton Hicks. For me they are a tightening all over my abdomen,but the cramps feel just like menstral cramps in my lower abdomen and back. Last night I came very close to calling my Dr. I told my work friends about it this morning when I got in, and they said it is a stronger form of the Braxton Hicks and that it just means I'm getting closer to labor. They remembered having them with their pregnancies. That made me feel better. Maybe it won't be long now for us.


Christine - November 11

Hi - I also have this and about 2 weeks ago I had it sooo bad that I didn't get an ounce of sleep. I felt better in the am but everyone still pushed me to call the dr. I did and they asked that I go in right away and they said it was normal to get crampy but I was probably a little dehydrated (sp). Maybe try drinking a lot of fluids and rest for about an hour and see if that helps a little. It is always better to be safe and call the dr when in doubt ! Good luck to you!


roo - November 11

I am 37 weeks but my dr said that it was probably labor pains and to take it easy since 37 weeks is still a little early. I also have had bad BH and back aches. You could feel labor pains for weeks prior to labor. Only being 34 weeks I would call the dr and see, I had to go in several weeks ago and they monitored my contractions and made sure it wasn't the real thing.


mom to be - November 13

if u go up to my other posting bout wiping blood @34 weeks my story continues from there :)


Chrisy - November 14

I am at 30 weeks and I got cramps for two days. At night when I change position it really hurts my lower abdomen to even move. Im starting to have more back aches as well.


Brittany - November 14

Theyre probably just Braxton Hicks contractions...if your still feeling uneasy definatley call your doctor...better safe than sorry! i wouldnt worry though unless they get worse. Good luck!


Melissa - November 14

I have had the same cramping the past week and a half or so too (I am 34 weeks also). It definitely feels different than a BH - which to me I feel a tightening over my entire abdomen that lasts for 20-30 seconds. But the cramping to me feels EXACTLY like I am about to start my period! Lower back pain and and that "heavy" pressure feeling really low that I remember always getting a day or so before my period would start. I don't know how many times I have run to the bathroom, because I have been cramping and then feel a "discharge" and think OMG, I must have just bled a little or something, but it is just the normal clear/white stuff (sorry if TMI!). I feel better that so many others have had these exact same cramps. It must be normal if we are all feeling it!! I go to the doctor tomorrow, so I am going to ask her and make sure, but it sounds like it is normal.


mary - November 15

They gave me the results the next day it is called a fetal something test and it is to test for preterm labor hope that helps.


[email protected] - November 17

I am starting my 31st week tomorrow and had exactly the same symptoms yesterday (three painful BH contractions followed by low cramping). I must have gone to the bathroom three or four times in 20 minutes hoping that would help. Ultimately I called me doctor and they had me come in. My doctor checked my cervex for changes but said it was still closed (thank goodness). She said I may have little episodes like this from here on out and to call if it goes longer then an hour. She did recommend drinking more water also. I feel so much better knowing others are having this as well. Wish I had read this before going to the doctor yesterday. I'm hoping that it was just a fluke and won't happen again. Has anyone here only had one experience like this and then carried to term without problems?


Wanda - November 17

I just started getting this cramp feeling this morning at 6a. It feels exactly as it did right before I got my period, only a bit stronger, Im 33 wks and my baby boy is breeched- I hoped maybe it was him turning, but it wasnt, although he was active thruout the cramps. Im at work now and Im still getting cramps and a looootttt of pressure on my bladder. Well it makes me feel a little better to know that this is normal for the most part. Good luck to everyone!



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