Menstral Crapmy Feeling

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Abby - November 8

I am 37 weeks and have been having what feels like menstral cramps all day today. It is just this achy pain very low in my abdomen mostly on the left side, and also in my back. It literally feels like I could start my period any second now. Anyone else experiencing this?


Dani - November 8

Abby- I had this feeling all Saturday, Sunday and then yesterday A.M I thought they were Braxton Hicks cuz i hadnt expierenced them yet. I called my Dr. and she sent me to the hosp. They hooked me to monitors and i was having contractions 1 min apart. You should call your Dr. I didnt want to, that is why i waited so long. I thought they would think i was over reacting. They had to give me a shot to stop contractions. I am only 31 wks. So baby needs to cook alil longer, your lil one could be ready to come out though, for reals..


Lena - November 8

I've been having the same feeling - like my period is starting. It gets really bad at night. My doctor said it is due to the baby's head pushing down on the cervix, or I might just be dehydrated. She told me to drink 2 gla__ses of water when I feel the cramps. But I'm still 35 weeks, since you are 37 it's probably because it is starting to efface.


Kristy - November 8

I am 33 weeks, and I started feeling the same thing on Saturday night and all day Sunday. My doctor did a "preterm" labor test yesterday, and I am still waiting for her to call with the results. She said if the test comes back negative then it is probably just my pelvic area stretching, getting ready for the baby to drop!


JL - November 8

My doc told me that the cramps are one of the forms of Braxton Hicks. I have been having cramps for weeks now, and I am 36 weeks along. I have been tested and checked, and everything is OK.


samantha - November 8

I am only 28 weeks, I had the same menstral like cramps a week ago, i went in, and they found blood in my urine-I had a bladder infection, thats what started the contractions...Two days later I had to go back in, and now i'm on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy! I'm not saying that you might have a bladder infection-but you should go in and have your doctor check you out...Braxton hicks go away, real contractions stay-just like mine and yours are...Take care of yourself and your baby-go get checked out...It won't hurt anything! :) Good luck!


Abby - November 9

Well. I went to the doctor today, and everything is labor. They did the test to see if my water had broken, and checked me...still 1cm and my cervix is soft but thick...sigh...3 weeks left! Anyway, the pain is coming from the baby's head putting pressure on my spine and causing my hips to spread in preperation for labor. Not as exciting as I had hoped!



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