Messing Wit My Due Date

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socurbaby7 - October 23

I dont know if this has happened to anyone else... but for some reason my doctors and midwifes keep giving me a different due date... the midwife that i have been seeing since day one has been telling my the same due date of nov 18th from the beginning... but then whenever i see the doctor they go with another due date of dec 7th ... so im gettin really confused and frustrated... I just wish they could decide on one day and keep it there... i dont know why they keep changing it anyways.... I mean I am measuring small.. but when i had the ultra sounds they said she was right on time for my due date... which due date are they talking about... and I had an appointment with the doctor last friday and has she been going with the nov 18th DD i would be having appointments every week... but since she is going off the dec 7th one she said an appointment in 2 weeks... but when I went to schedule it to see my midwife again ( I only see the doctors cause they want us to meet the staff cause you never know who will be on call) but i couldnt get an appointment with her til november 9th.... which is 3 weeks away... so im just kind of lost in this whole thing... because thats a little more than 1 week from the nov 18th due date.... i dont know i wish someone would enlighten me... has anyone else gone through something similar to this.... and an update for ne one whos seen my posts before i finally gained 10 lbs yey ... anyway please respond


Krissy25 - October 23

So you are seeing a doctor and a midwife? Who is planning an delivering this baby? Have you tried asking where each one got their dates from? Usually it is determined by your last period, but if you don't have regular periods or you didn't know when your last one was it can be determined by ultrasound but only early on after a while babies start to grow at different rates and it can be harder to determine. I had several done and at first they were right on but by week 25 she was a week and a half ahead and by week 37 she was measuring 3 weeks ahead, but my doctor never changed my due date.


Tory1980 - October 23

Unless you know when you conceived then you need to go by LMP. If the scan was vastly different and before 12weeks then they may change your date. It is important for them to decide as there is over a fortnight between those dates and they could try inducing you before you are due or letting you go too far over which can cause a lot of problems. Make them pick a date. More than likely the midwife is going off LMP and the Doctors from a scan but like I said unless the scan was done in the first 12 weeks then it is unreliable for a proper due date as after 13 weeks babies grow at different rates. I had this problem with my 3rd baby. I knew from BBT Charting that he was due to the 2nd May but by my LMP it was the 19th April. He followed a m/c at 6 weeks and no AF in between and because I had been temping the COnsultant agreed to go with my date of the 2nd May and baby measured right for that date. It was good too as he was induced due to Cholestasis at 37weeks but they would have induced me at the start of April if I had let them carry on. Personally I would be going by the 18th Nov unless they can give a good reason to put it back. Good luck!


socurbaby7 - October 23

yea the novemeber 18trh due date is the one from my midwife... i plan on having the midwife do my delivery ... but like i said they make u meet the whole team of doctors just in case and so you are comfortable with everyone... but i believe the midwife is going by my LMP and the doctor was going by the scans... which if what u said after 13 weeks are not good... well if we go by nov 18th due date i was 14 weeks and if we go by dec 7th its about 12 weeks... but i remember them saying i was measuring small.. but then the baby was right on track for her due date.... but i had a huge problem in the beginning of my pregnancy with weight loss and morning sickness... i actually dropped about 20lbs before i gained any weight.... so yea i think the baby was jus not gettin enough of what she neeeded at the time... but hse's fine now... i dont know... im worried though because i have to wait 3 weeks until my next appointment and at this point (by the nov 18th due date) i should be starting to get seen weekly... i dont know its all confusin


jenna32 - October 24

My doctor is doing the same thing to me! The due date was november 26th and then she told me the ultrasound measured 2 weeks ahead and at my last appointment she told me it was only measuring one week ahead!Drives me nuts.


Anathi - October 26

My OB has given me 25th Jan yet Midwife gave 7th Dec which was my LMP also confused which one to consider but am relying on my Midwife for labour.


Tory1980 - October 26

socurbaby, if you are going by your midwife then I would start weekly appointments. After 13weks babies grow at vastly different rates which is why they do the dating scans before then. It could just be you are carrying a small baby but if your last AF was normal and you are certian of the dates then I would be using the 18th as your due date. We also meet the whole spectrum of people but it is midwives who deliver the baby unless there is a problem. I would phone the surgery or hospital where you see your midwife and ask them, well demand they fit you in before the 9th or to be put down for a cancellation. You could have delivered before that appointment. Good luck!


socurbaby7 - October 26

thank you for all of the advice.. im going to try and call and get in before then... hopefully I can... I hope i dont deliver before the 9th of november... I have finals at school coming up... so i hope if anything... my little lady is a little onthe late side... anwyays thank you all



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