Metamucil Or Castor Oil

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Nick - August 13

I am 38 weeks and wondering if metamucil would do anything to bring along labor. I cannot bring myself to try castor oil. Just the thought of it makes me gag. Does anyone think it may work?


Hmmmm - August 13

Maybe a better question would be could it harm your baby in any way? Everyone is so worried about getting their babies out so quick that they'll try ANYTHING to make it happen. Some of this stuff could be harmful to your baby tho. And on top of that, maybe your baby just isnt ready to come out. You still have two more weeks til due date, can't you at least wait til then? Sorry not trying to sound b___hy, I just know I'd be worried about my baby if I started puttting things in my body without knowing the risks for the baby.


lindsey - August 13

NICK, I tried Castor oil with my first child.I had read about it in a magazine my midwife had given me. The magazine actually recomended doing it to start labor. I mixed the entire bottle with fruit punch, the oil was gross but the fruit punch helped it go down. 2 days later i started loosing my mucus plug, a day after that i had diareha so bad i could barely get off the toilet, it was aweful, and sence castor oil is supposed to be a sort of laxitive, i do beleave that it was the cause of my diareha. It may have caused me to start loosing my plug but that doesnt really count in my mind considering i had to be induced into full labor 2 weeks later. I wouldnt recomend taking castor oil but i know how it feels to think your going to be pregnant for ever, my daughter was 9 days late, and i know that if you want to try it you will. So good luck in whatever you choose! lindsey


Shannon - August 13

Metamucil isnt a laxative that is going to induce labor or give you diarrhea. It is a fiber supplement that will bulk your stool and keep you from being constipated its not going to give you contractions and its safe to use through out pregnancy.


Nick - August 14

I agree I do not think there is any risk to the baby if I am drinking a fiber drink. And I also do not think any of these natural remedies will actually bring on labor if the baby were not ready to come out. I do however disagree that at 38 weeks the baby is better off staying in until he is ready to come out. My little brother was a week late and if they would have taken him earlier like my mother had asked the doctors to do, he would not have been more with the major brain damage that he had from being in fetal distress. I think after 37 weeks there are many factors to look at.


Hmmmm - August 14

Like I said before I wasnt trying to sound b___hy, sorry if I did :). So castor oil really is safe and recommended by some? I really had no idea. Lindsey you mixed the whole bottle with fruit juice; did you just drink over a period of a couple days or all in one day?


Nick - August 14

I also am trying not to be b___hy or defensive. I have just read so many posts latley condeming women for discussing natural ways to help bring on labor. I don't think anyone is doing anything dangerous. It is just a way for us to help each other get through these last few weeks.


Lindsey - August 15

I drank the hole bottel in a matter of like 2 hours, i really wanted to have my baby. I did everything i could think of, walked a mile a day, push mowed my lawn, all that stuff, no luck. And when she finally came out, i really wished she had come sooner because when she was born she was 9 pounds 11 oz. the skin on her fingers was peeling off because it was so dry, there were raw patches of bloody looking red skin where her skin had just dried out completely. She really had been over cooked. But i was seeing a midwife then and she wanted to let the baby come as naturally as possible. Now im seeing a Dr. for my current pregnancey and she is not going to allow that to happen, the latest this pregnancey will go is to my due date, then she will induce because we dont want to have another huge baby. It amezes everyone when i tell them my daughter was 9 11 and i didnt rip! but this time i want a more normal sized baby.


white castle - August 15

My friend swore on both her pregnancies that eating White Castle hamburgers made her go into labor both times...yuck I hate those things.


Nick - August 15

I ate at Mighty Taco yesterday. I think that has the same effect as castor oil. My mother had four children and I was the smallest at 8 lbs 7 ounces. My brothers were 10 lbs and my sister 9 lbs. My mother in-law had six boys all 6 lbs. I hope I follow my mother in-law.


tasha - September 21

the metamucil not sure i have used the caster oil with my first and it worked for me it is nasty but if you swig it and then swig some oj it helps ps hold your breath when you take the caster oil



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