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sarah14300 - March 21

I am 35 weeks and in the past few days i have been having really bad migranes that make me throw up and light headed ..the only way i can feel any reliefe is to lay in a cool dark and quiet room to feel a litte better but that doesnt even make them go away is this a part of the end of pregnancy or not?


meme - March 21

I'm sorry you're having migraines. I get them about once a year, and even that's too much! I do the same as you, go to a dark room, lay down, rest. I also eat and drink, but only light food (like you would eat during nausea in the first trimester) and drink water. Something I learned to do in the woods was take a bay leaf (there were bay trees out there, but you could probably use fresh, store-bought ones too), and crumble it up in your fingers, hold it to your nose & inhale. Wait, and inhale again. Do this until you feeling sort of a stinging sensation in your brain near your sinuses. Yeah, that sounds weird, but that's the best way I can describe it. This is supposed to make a migraine subside. I find that fluorescent lights and the light from electronic screens brings them on, as well as not taking care of myself, although yours are likely pregnancy/hormone related. Talk to your doc about it if it continues at this rate. Everyone's got different symptoms in pregnancy, but if you have a bad feeling about this one, get a few other opinions about it. Good luck!


Rabbits07 - March 22

Do you normally have migraines when not pregnant? If not, I would call my dr. I have read that the horomone fluctuations of pregnancy can cause migraine sufferers to have more headaches (and cause headaches in those who don't normally have 'em due to circulation issues) The book I have only refers to it in the first trimester, but I don't know if that would necessarily exclude the third. It does go on to say if you notice headaches that are a__sociates with sensitivity to light, excessive nausea and vomiting, or fever to call the doctor. I would call my doctor just to be on the safe side if I were you. I've heard headaches can signal high blood pressure and possibly toxemia (but I think swelling of the face and hands usually occurs with that...I've never had it) But anyways...I would call the dr. just to be on the safe side, but if you have a history of migraines it probably is just from that so I wouldn't worry.


Aprilmama - March 22

I have read in several books that headaches accompanied by nausea can be signs of developing pre-eclampsia so I would definitely see your doctor about this in case something serious is occurring.


Gigi19 - March 22

I had the headaches too. I was constantly taking my blood pressure because like one poster said it could be attributed to preclampsia and that is a__sociated with high blood pressure. My pressure was always fine. I think it was just something that happens to some people (some people get M/S late in pregnancy others headache). Get your pressure checked though. My headaches started to subside as of last week (I am now 38 weeks). I use to put cold compresses on my head (because tylenol was just useless for me).



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