MIH Dislikes Grandsons Name

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Renee-Marie - April 3

My FIL told us the other day that she doesn't like it. I'm sure she would have never said it to us, but now that I know, it makes me feel crummy. he's not even here yet. :-(


AML - April 3

AWW I'm so sorry!! When I told my Mom and Grandma what we were naming our little boy they didnt seem to like his name either! My mom said she would rather call him by his middle name instead of his first! That hurt my feelings! Remember, its YOUR baby! Name him what you want! They will get over it!


Renee-Marie - April 3

Thanks AML. Well, I am certainly not changing his name. After all, it means "God Remembered" and I had prayed that one day I oculd have a child after learning I had endometriosis years ago. I even had surgery for it, and now that I'm nearing 30 my doctor was really pushing for me to do this now or perhaps face the consequences. So I'm thankful, like you have no idea. Anyway, I love his name ..... it's just sad to think that his grandma doesn't.


luvmyboys - April 3

That's why I have this theory never to tell your parents the name until the baby arrives! I did the same thing this time, though. We wanted to name our son Judah and our families just sat in silence when we told them. Then my dad said he liked the middle name. So they weren't negative to our faces, but we could tell they didn't like it! We have since picked something else (not because of them), although we still might use Judah as a second name, but it has just convinced me to never tell until the baby comes! It's harder to say they don't like it when they are holding their new grandchild! If you love the name, use it anyway. They will get used to it and love your baby no matter what.


Karen S - April 3

I have just told people that we are not sure yet and we will figure it out when we first see him. That drives people nuts but they drive me nuts when they frown on the name we picked. AML is right it's your baby not theres. Good Luck


sparkles - April 3

Screw them! It's your baby and not their's. How ignorant to say something like that. What do they expect you to do? Change the name because THEY don't like it?! That's exactly what my in laws did when hubby and I told them the boy name that we liked. Oh, I can't stand my in laws! You keep the name that you like and tell others to mind their own business unless their going to carry, give birth to, and raise your child.


Trina_ - April 4

This is exactly why I'm choosing not to tell anyone the name. Before we knew we were having a girl I told someone that I liked the name Evan for a boy and that very first person said "I don't like that name because....." and I was so mad. So once we found out it was a girl...I vowed to not tell a soul. I don't want anyone raining on my parade again....


sphinxminx - April 4

my Mil said the same thing to my husband, we are just ignoring her apperently she feels that any children should be named after her family my husband and I just let it go in one ear and out the other.


Kiddolebel - April 4

Same with my mom...when we told her what we were naming our daughter...all she could do was talk down on it and how hearing the name "laci" she could only think of one person...laci peterson...GRRR! We had that name picked out when I was pregnant with my son 3 years ago before all that happened. Too bad for mom though. We are keeping the name for our little girl due in may. =) Its our child...not hers. Just remember...its YOUR child....not theirs.


Kiddolebel - April 4

BTW I agree 100% with sparkles =)


meme - April 4

We've picked a name that was popular only in the 40s and 50s. I think it makes people say to themselves "Okay?", until we tell them why. It's the name of my partner's dear friend and father figure who died two years ago. And it's a cute name that we both like anyway, so screw everyone who doesn't!



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