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tish212 - October 25

AHHHHH! I just want to scream! ok a while back we borrowed a huge table and chairs from my mil for a crab feast we were having at my house... this past weekend we set the chairs out around a huge bonfire we had.... well they r still out there b/c we r planning on another bonfire next weekend (we own about 5 acres of land...and the bonfire was about and acre back frm my house) well she called me today and says my fil saw the chairs out and came by and picked em up...I told her we were planning on using em again and she was like well we need em and u can't just leave em sitting out... (she doesn't need em..they have been in her garage the whole 7 yrs me and dh have been together) she has tons of chairs and she isn't throwing a party or anything...then she told me it was irresponsible of me and dh to have such a huge bonfire... and that I shouldn't be "partying" this far into my pregnancy... yes there is drinking at the party BUT NOT ME! they r full grown adults that attend anywhere from 24 to 35 so if they wanna drink y not? she threw a fit that we were letting people drink here...then she told me I borrowed 2 table from her...(i only borrowed one) I kindly reminded her that my loser of a bil borrowed the other from her 2 years ago and broke it... we were at her house a while back and dh said he thinks shes losing it ... like literally...he said it seems she can't grasp anything anymore....she argued with me for 10 minutes about this damn table b4 she was like ok whatever... (she was there when it was broken!) and then she lectured me on leaving chairs out and how that was lazy... THEY R OUTDOOR CHAIRS! and its my property...we live out in the middle of nowhere and all our neighbors (all 3 of em) do the same things with parties.... and they have their party set ups set up all summer/fall so why pick em up when we know we r doing it again?! grrrr she is so ridiculous sometimes she makes me wanna scream.....sorry this is so long I just had to get it out...this is like a weekly thing with her.... and shes getting worse! grrrr


AntsWife - October 26

On the bright side, you didn't have to pack 'em up and bring 'em back to her :-) I know how frustrating it can be though. How old is your MIL? Is it possible that she really is losing it or has she always been like this?


inuk-mama - October 26

lol antswife is right! At least you didn't have to pack 'em up! lol sorry, i know how frustrated you much be! You might try letting your dear MIl know that for Christmas a great gift idea would be some outdoor chairs so you won't have to borrow from her anymore! I notice that a lot of MIL's seem to like b___hing about senseless stuff just for the hell of it, so i wouldn't listen to closely to what she's b___hing about! ;) Good luck!


tish212 - October 26

she is 60...her mother also went...well she "lost it" at a younger age as well.... she is also one of my most hated things....a she often exaggerates the truth or just plain makes up things....she tells me the same stories like 20 times and each time they r different. she drives me insane cuz shes also very...uggg pregnancy brain ...what's the word.... kinda like spur of themoment..thinks of something and does it immediately without thinking of the consequences... just about a month ago she bought a 4 port for her drive way..the door width is only 8ft...and all she owns r 2 suvs and a full size pickup... so none of em after spending 5k on this she spent another 1k to get the doors cut bigger...(see my point she didn't think it through) I told my hubby bout yesterday...he was upset...he said he wished he as here cuz he would of told her off.... (shes starting to wear on him) we moved to our house in feb...for space and she hovers like nonstop... I know she means well...(occasionally) but honestly I can't even imagine what it will be like when we have this baby...she will probably try to tell me how to raise our lo... or think she needs to take over...ugggg I'm still fuming over yesterday...and I am one long winded person huh? well that sums that up...and thanks 2 everyone who has responded here and in other posts about this.... :)


Tory1980 - October 26

Would the word be impulsive? As for the chairs - nice you didn't have to get them back to her but it would have been nice to be told what was gonig on. I would be trotting her off to the Doctor. Who is she to tell you what you can and can;t do in your own house (or in this case back garden)? It is good your husband is as frustrated with her as you appear to be. Is she annoyed because they weren't invited? I thought my MIL was bad but I think yours is worse! LOL!


evae777 - October 26

tish, here is my 2 cents... most mil's and in laws in general are a pain in the b___t. some families are so dysfunctional these days that they can't keep it behind their own door. I swear that one of the reasons that made me appreciate my husband so much, to where i married him, was because his family... regardless their own issues, they mind their own business and never overstep their boundaries. they only know how to mind their own busines and be supportive when it is warranted. i don't know how your personality is, but if it was me, i would eventually tell her to calm down and stop overstepping her boundaries and that her advice is not asked for and if she wants to stay on speaking terms she needs to treat you with respect. she shouldn't talk to you this way whether you are pregnant or not and it seems your dh knows she is a little crazy so that says a lot. good thing is.. he is on your side. in laws are something else aren't they. i really think that i have seen it all... while i was still dating and through friends. their was this family that i used to deal with when i was dating this guy... let me tell you, they would resort to violent threats over the most trivial things... imagine being in laws with them! thank god i dumped the guy before it was too late!


tish212 - October 26

yes tory thank u impulsive is the exact word but my mind was drawing a blank...happens a lot have a few out door chairs just not enough for everyone who came over... and I knew she wasn't using I said they have been stored for over 7 years... hubby said t let her take the d__n chairs...he'd buy more and leave em out beginning to wear on his nerves by oversteppin her bounds... he's a 34year old man and she refuses to let him grow up.... I honestly find it a nice change of pace to have all our friends over...and it doesn't bother me a bit that they drink and I can't... I've told her off several times... and weve gone long times without fact shes the reason I chose to be a sahm cuz I don't want her watching my kids and over riding my I mentioned on anothr post when I did foster care and was pottey training a lil one she went against what I asked of her and kept the lo in diapers all day but never changed everyday I picked the lo up and shed be soaked threw to her I had to pay someone else to watch em for me cuz she was being so intead of having her do the same with my kids...ill just stay home...thanks every1 and feel free to vent as well I feel like a post



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