Mindset During Labor True Or False

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Angela - June 5

I have heard that when you go into labor your entire focus changes from fear to being on a mission. Is that true? I have been having a hard time comprehending birth since I can hardly get through an exam. Are there any other wimps out there that can assure me that this fear might go away?


Evonna - June 5

I'm not sure of this answer i'm about to give you but i was told this by someone. They say during labor, your mindset doesn't really change to being on a mission but it makes you more alert & much more focused. Why i say it all depends on the person because some women during labor still feel worried and they may remain worried until she gives birth then all her worries are gone. Then you one of those women who are determined to get the job done because they want to it to be done and over with.


Ginny - June 5

In my case, fear turned into relief that I was finally going to meet my baby! I was 12 days over due, so I was READY, and not that fearful. As much as I can remember of labor, I was very much "in the moment" and dealing with the pain as it came. I was a little afraid, but I remember being imapitent more. Hope that helps!


Angela - June 5

thanks ginny- it really did help.


Alycia - June 5

I was never afraid of labor, so I can't say what happens to your fear, but I CAN say I got incredibly focused. I had thought I would want touching and ma__sage from dh, but I couldn't stand anything but hand-gripping at any time - it distracted my intense focus. It was like being in another world - I didn't even notice when my midwives were in the room with me... as a matter of fact, afterwards, one told me she felt like I didn't even want her there. It wasn't that - I just truly didn't even notice when she was! Also, time becomes totally meaningless. I had a 17 1/2 hour labor and I pushed for 3 hours, but it didn't matter to me at the time. Looking back, that is WAY longer than I had expected, but at the time I just didn't care. I have to say, labor is one strange experience. The best part is that the second that baby is out, it's like everything is totally back to normal!



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