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Jess - November 16

Any of you gals around?? Are you on a different forum?? How are ya'll making out???? RB & Cora have your babies yet???? I miss everone!!!


bump - November 17



penny - November 17

Hey Jess I'm not sure where everyone went!!! Miss you..........


penny - November 17

Not sure if you saw the pictures but here it is again, I'm going to add more tomorrow.....click on "Madison's Here" pennym.piczo.com


Misty - November 17

Hey Jess. I'm still here. I miss all of you guys too. For me it is just that I don't have a computer at my house. Only the one at my moms house. So I only get to come on when I am at my moms house. And generally I am here to get ready for work. Then I don't have time to come on and write. I still pop in to see what is going on...if anything:-) but I just don't generally write anything. Penny, I did just get your e-mail. And D I got yours as well. I will write back soon I promise. I still think of you all. And I miss you all very much. Right now though, writing is almost like work, :-) it requires thinking, and I don't tend to want to do that much right now if any of you know what I mean. Anytime that I can just have quite and sit and do nothing it is a good time. Hehe. My little one is the biggest cat napper I swear. She won't even stay asleep if I am holding her. She is such a little angel, but I just don't get much time to do....nothing. Anyways, I'm still here, just not that much. Will try to get on here soon and actually write something worth while. TTYS.


penny - November 18

Hey Misty! I know what you mean about the cat naps!! The night before last we actually had one good night of sleep, she slept until 5:30 (she goes down around 10pm every night).....but then I spoke to soon, last night was pretty crazy. Jason's sick so I got up with her at 2:30, then again around 4, then 5:30.......and then had to wake her up this morning when I went to work around 7:00.....But in away I enjoyed it, since I don't see her much during the day it was nice to spend some time with her.....I can't get enough of her, it must be because I know this is it and there won't be any more.......5 kids in one house is enough, even if the 4 are all older... I want to see more pictures of her, she is so adorable!! I'll be posting more on Piczo later today ~pennym.piczo.com Talk to you soon


jess - November 18

hey girls, there ya are!!! penny, madison is great!! ow do u get her to sleep from 10 til 5//? Brayden is up like clockwork evry 3 to 4 hours, and if hes grum[py he often doesn't sleep between feedings......misty i know what u mean about finding quiet time11!! tell me it does get better......! i am feeling kindast_t crazy too as i am home alone all day with brayden too......i love him, but its nice to talk to grown ups!!


Penny - November 18

Jess when do we get to see pictures??


Misty - November 21

Hello again all. D I will get back to you soon I promise. I may write today but I'm not positive. Thinking just seems so much like work lately. And I am getting tired of working. Yeah, as far as the sleeping thing goes I had spoke too soon as well. I didn't write it on here, but I was so busy telling everyone at work about how my litttle girl had slept right through the night. She went to bed at 10 and come 10:30 the next day when I woke up and realized she hadn't woke me up all nigt I was exstatic, and worried at the same time. :-) I actually woke HER up. Now that was a first. I was so thrilled with it when I realized she was o.k. though, but then the next night I couldn't even get her to go to sleep. She would close her eyes, I'd hold her for a little while longer and then move to put her in her crib and those eyes would pop right back open. Little stinker. :-) But it is getting better, she is starting to consistently sleep for mor then 3 hours at a time. And she had some baby acne, it started clearing up as well. She is such a beauty, I can't wait to get more pictures and put them up for you all to see. Anywho, hope to hear from you all....ALL again soon. Want to hear what is goign on with Cora and rb and Robyn, amanda and Steph. Meanwhile it is good to hear from Jess and Penny on here, but I do wish some more would show up so I can read all about what you are all going through. I am so curious about everyone. I became so attached to you all and I love to know how you are doing. I don't write so much, but I do come on here and check my emails just to see how you are all doing. Just don't feel like writing so much. Talk to you all later. Hope everyone is doing wonderfull.


Penny - November 21

Hi Misty~ I know I want to hear from everyone else too!! I put more pictures up the other day, I'll try to get more up later this week. Misty your little girl is just too darn cute, and I REALLY want to see more pictures!! Its hard being at work and away from her. This past weekend the other kids, yes all 4 of the others were gone, so it was just myselt, Jason and Madison. It was really nice to have her all to myself. She is so much diffirent then the boys, and I feel as though I can't get enough of her. Not to mention that this is the last and final baby, and that in itself is a little sad. I'm enjoying her so much, that I seriously would be willing to have another one (but due to the fact that I got my tubes tide, I don't think I will)...but all the more reason to love her and enjoy her now, before she turns into wild one!! :)


amanda.d - November 22

Hey guys I finally have a moment.We have been sooo busy with Camdyn. First I was b___stfeeding and we found out that our fella is lactose intolerant. So we put him on Isomil. Then he got really ga__sy and I was averaging three hours sleep because hubby works retarded shifts. Well finally we have him on Similac LF. He is finally the happy baby he deserves to be. So needless to say I haven't had time to chat much. I will post some pics soon too. Glad to here everyone is doing okay and loved seeing the pics keep them coming. Anyways now that I have a happy baby I am gonna go do something for me, TTYS.


amanda.d - November 22

By the way I have mostly moved over to the infant care forum, are you al going to? Also Camdyn now at seven weeks weighs 10lbs 6 oz. Hes getting so big, lol.


jess - November 23

penny...i have pics!! so, whats the best way ti show them 2 u???? should we go to infant care forum u think?


Misty - November 25

Hey everyone. I think going to the infant care forum would be appropriate. I'm actually quite surprised that none of the rude people that float around here sometimes have posted something on here about how we shouldn't be here...blah blah blah... :-) But then also if I have any concerns I can look about them while I am on there. I hadn't even realized that there was a infant care section. Amanda, sorry to hear about your little guy. I had a similar sort of problem with Michael. He had a very bad problem with gas and would cry for hours every day. Sometimes it was to the point that I would have to go put him in the car and drive him around just to get him to finally sleep. I always spent an amazing amount of time walking around with him trying to comfort him and it was reall very tough. I know now that I have Summer that it wasn't normal. But I really thought that it was when I had him. I probably suffered through it for nothing. Probably could have gotten something from the doctor or something, but since I had never been around kids before I really just thought that how much he cried was normal. It was really tough with him. I am so very thankful that Summer isn't that tough. She is quite simple actually. It is very nice. Anywho though. I was just checking in while I am over here doing laundry. But yeah. Moving to the infant care section sounds very nice. I'll go ahead and post something over there for us. Hopefully I'll hear from even more people over there. And yeah Penny, I know what you mean about it being nice to have just the baby for a period of time. My mom watched my son the other night and I actually had a night to myself with just Summer and Mike. It was definately a very nice, very peaceful, night. I need to get out of here though. I need to write D back before she thinks I am ignoring her. She is doing good too, last that I heard, for any of you that were wondering. Talk to you all soon. ON THE OTHER FORUM. :-)


Cora - November 26

Hey girls ! I didnt get to read thru everyones posts, but I am letting u all know I am still here some where, I am actually back in BC with family and have been for the past 2 weeks. Josh drove us here and left us with family then went back to Fort McMurray. I am flying back with Gabby this wednesday. I cant wait to get home and possibly into some kind of normal routine. All though I cant really complain she is a pretty good baby. Anyhow, I will write more when I finally get home. Miss all of you ! Lots of love to everyone.



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