Mom S Due In July Cont From 2nd Tri Board

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iakram - May 3

Hi Ladies!! Just a continuation from our 2nd Tri thread - we're almost there :)


Laurabb4 - May 3

Hi Iakram, How are you? I am glad to see our group moving over to third trimester. How have you been feeling? I have been tired the last few days. Started dealing with braxton hicks. They are annoying to me! Pain enough to notice. But I am sure they are doing no harm. I need to get ready for my oldest sons first baseball game of the season.


iakram - May 3

Hey Laura! I'm doing great! I can't complain. Yesterday I had a bit of swelling on my was funny how odd they looked. But today there fine. Oh BH's huh? Well you know that the little one is getting ready :) How far along are you now? Oh your son's into bb? Cool I'm starting my son with Soccer and Karate - hi yah! lol. Thanks for writing take care and keep us posted :))


ARD - May 3

Hi ladies! I'm also due in July - July 22. I am 29 weeks (will be Sat.) and am experiencing upper back pain and rib pain, some difficulty sleeping/getting comfortable, a little heartburn/indigestion, but other than that I'm doing great!! I am SO curious as to what Braxton Hicks feels like so I will know if I ever feel it. About how far along are women when they experience them? This is my first baby and I'm very excited but very nervous about labor and delivery!!! I am such a baby when it comes to pain!! I need some encouragement please!! :o)


Mellissa - May 3

hello hello. :) ARD, our due dates are just two days apart. :) i am due july 20th. to me braxton hicks contractions feel like my stomach is tightening all over... not in just one place like when the baby rolls up into a ball. i think i started getting them around 25 weeks maybe. i get them now when i stand up really fast or am walking alot. hey laura... i am so glad i am having a boy because i want him to get into baseball. of course we could put rylee in it when she is old enough, but she's already showing a lot of interest in we'll probably go with that and dancing or gymnastics. well... i am starving and i need to feed Diesel...poor baby is punching me all over the place!!! talk to you ladies later!!!


StephanieJohnson - May 4

hey all..i am due July 21. In the middle of ARD and Mellissa! Thought that was kinda cool, i am also a first time mom and am scared as heck when i think about labor!!!


dee23 - May 4

hello fellow july mommies :) my little boy is due on the 20th of july.....although ive been mea__suring ahead by a week for months which if that were the case, it would coincide with my last period almost exactly! anyway did u girls know that livdea started up a july thread in here already? its in bald somewhere down the page........well have a good night ladies...or day, depending on where you are :)


dee23 - May 4

also, just curious, ive put on that norm for 29wks? what have you all put on?


ARD - May 4

Dee, I'm almost 29 weeks (will be Sat.) and have also gained 19 lbs total. Doc says thats AWESOME!! I will need to put on about 6-10 more he says before the end.....last month I only put on 1 lb!! I was shocked because he also said my little one went through a growth spurt and my belly increased by 4cm. :o) He was very pleased with it though! I also have a big appet_te, but have noticed as soon as I start eating I get half-way through and then I'm so full I could pop!! So it seems like I'm eating a lot but guess I'm really not as much as I thought!! So I'm right there with ya!


Emily - May 4

hello ladies. I am good. I am 32+ weeks. due end of June. Mary was due end of July and had her in Aug, hoping Marcy comes on time, not late, but we shall have to wait and see what she decides....I have gained 9lbs. It feels like so little sometimes and yet is is more than I gained with Mary. I lost weight the whole time and then the last week I gained a few lbs but was still under my pre-pregnancy weight. Only about 5-6 weeks left for me. GEtting anxouis. I cleaned out under the sink yesterday and I cleaned out the fridge. Took eveything out, and trhew some things away and wiped down everything. looks so nice now. Still hve a ton of stuff on my list of things to do before baby but can't do some of them while Mary is asleep and of course can't get anythign done while she is up, so we shall have to see when I get them done. I am so into the whole nesting thing now.....well gotta run....hope eveyone is well and everyone makes it over here form 2nd...


Shae-lynn - May 4

Hi everyone! Thanks for moving us up to the 3rd trim, Iakram! It's hard to believe we're here already! Sounds like everyone is doing well. I have been dealing with B.H. since about week 20 and have just come to accept them as part of this pregnancy. I don't exercise at all anymore (which I know is awful) but the contractions get really intense when I do. I've gained about 22 pounds total so far. Besides that, I'm doing really well. Pa__sed my glucose test this week (yeah!!), blood pressure is good and I'm feeling pretty happy! See ya!


Laurabb4 - May 4

Hi Ladies, We had a great baseball game last night! I am due July 21st. This is my 4th baby. I notice the bh a lot more this time around! In the evening especially. Probably because off all the running around I do to try and get things done. BH feel like period cramps to me. But they are across my tummy and in my back also. Melissa boys are so fun! I am excited to have my girl!!! Hi Stephanie, I have been through labor 3 times. It is not comfortable, yet it is well worth it of course! I am nervous each time I have gone. Hi Dee I have gained 14 lbs at my 28 week appt. I am starting 29 weeks today. I have been very tired the past 3 days. I can't get out of bed in the morning. I hope I get my energy back soon. I have 2 bedrooms apart and have a lot to do to get rady for Ella! Have a good day.


Dawn - May 4

I can I join your thread. My baby is due July 31st and I'm so excited. DH and I went to have a look at prams today and will probably go back in the next 3-4 weeks and buy one.


Mellissa - May 4

oh my goodness ladies... i have to tell you about the obnoxious lab tech who took my blood today. i just don't understand what makes perfect strangers think that their opinions on what i am naming my baby will make me change my mind!!! The guy was in his late 50' early 60's. he asked what we are naming the baby, and i told him Diesel. his eyes got all big and he went on and on for ten minutes about why we shouldn't name our baby that!!! he said he will be teased in school and kids will call him "gasoline" and he will be traumatized for life!! and he was SERIOUS!! i told him that the only people who don't seem to like that name are people from his "generation" and that kids these days are more open minded (besides, what 3rd grader knows what diesel is?!?!!?). i told him everyone who knows Chad and me likes the name because it suits our personalities. he said it doesn't matter if it suits our personalities or not, it has to suit the baby. HELLO!!! we created this child, i think the name should suit us too! besides... does anyone else know exactly what kind of presonality their child is going to have before they are even born!? COME ONE!!! AGH!!! luckily, i am very secure in that name, and i love it.. so it doesn't bother me to the point of possibly changing it. i just don't get why people have to put their two cents in. it's not like i said, "we are naming him Diesel.. what do you think of that name?" or something!!! the only people close to us who have said anything negative about the name are his mom, and my sister. but his mom came around and said she likes the name now. My sister just thinks we are naming our son after heroin because apparently Diesel is what they call it on the "streets". i told my sister, i didn't know that..and nobody i a__sociate with would know the street name for heroin, so that doesn't bother me. And why the hell would he be TRAUMATIZED!!?? it's not like we are naming him after some weird disease, or some horrible person. we aren't naming him AFTER anything.. we just like the way Diesel Waylen sounds... it's a fun name, i think. people name there kids weird things everyday!! look at julia roberts! her son's name is phinnius! anyhow.. sorry to vent to you all... i don't like to talk to Chad about it, because i'm afraid he'll give in and want to change it.. and i love the name and don't want him to decide to go with anything else!! well.. if you've made it to the bottom of this post, thank you. :) i hope you are all doing well!!!! :)


marie - May 4

Hi Ladies! I'm 28 weeks exactly today. I am due on July 27th. I've put on 23 lbs so far, doctor said it looks okay. He also told me today that I pa__sed my glucose test - yey!!! They are now scheduling me every 2 weeks. So far, I don't think I have had any BH contractions . . . or maybe I have, I just don't know that it's BH. MELISSA, I think Diesel is a nice name. If that's what you want to name your child then that's your business. Don't let what other people say change your mind. I've had the same experience. My boss was insisting for me to tell him what we're going to name our son, and when I told him, he had that smirk on his face. Oh well, you can't just please everyone I guess. Has anyone done any hospital/birthing center tours? I'm hoping to do one this month. I'm also having my baby shower this Saturday!!! Take Care ladies!!!


Mellissa - May 4

well... my midwife just called me with the results of my glucose test. she said they like your levels to be below 130 and mine were at 169!!! HOLY CRAP!! she said not to worry, i just have to do the three hour test... she said there is a 3 day diet where i have to load up on carbs (shouldn't be a problem with me, i'm a pasta freak).. so i'm gonna go pick up the diet plan today and probably go in monday to do the test. i really thought i would have a normal level. i had to do the 3 hour one with rylee too.. but for some reason i thought it had more to do with the amount of weight i was ganing with her. by now i had gained over 30 pounds with her.. and i've only gained 18 1/2 with Diesel. hmm.. oh well. :( i just don't want that jerk doing my bloodwork again! maybe he'll be off monday! i'll talk to you girls later!!


iakram - May 4

Hey Everyone! Wow it's great to know that the thread is growing! Hi too all the new ones we have joining this thread: ARD, Stephanie, Dee, Dawn and Marie [hope I got everyone] and of course hugs to Laura, Shae, Melissa and Emily :)) So far with regard to weight I've put on about 8 lbs not counting the 4 I lost. Melissa I almost feel off my chair laughing at your post! Forget about what he said...some ppl just think they can put their two cents in whenever they please. I just ignore it...a casual nod and that's it...I love the name you chose from your little one stick with it! Okay question when did your feet begin to swell. Two days now towards the end of the when I get ready to go home from work my left foot is swollen and it tingles ever so slightly. Hands are face seems fuller [but i think it might be a bit of swelling] ... but yeah...anyone else have swelling? Melissia I still have to go and take mine sugar test...I'm kinda scared as well! I'm thinking of going either next week or so just to get it over and done with..It's so cool that you know the gender of your little one...we're just narrowing down the names for a boy and a girl....but it would be nice to know what I'm having for sure :) I've not yet picked out any of the bedding or colour schemes..I'll probably do that next month or so...okay ladies take care :)



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