Mommies Who Have Already Had 2 Or More Babies

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lindsay - May 30

i was wondering how common it is for a woman to spontaneously go into labor if she has already had a child, especially if induced the first time around. were you past 40 weeks w/ your 1st? how about second?(or 3rd, 4th...) :) and were your labors actually shorter than the 1st like they say? just curious....


Cabbie - May 30

I had a section with my first. I never had labor or even felt braxton hicks with her. She was just breech. My waterbroke nine days early with my second. I had contractions that were irregular for about two weeks before my water broke with stomach problems (loose stools, etc) starting the weekend before my water broke.


starr - May 30

Hi.I was 42wks with my first son who was born naturally, but they did have to break my water.He will be 12 in July but I belive I labored with him for about 24 hrs,son#2 came 22 months later ,1 day before his due date and my labor with him was about 14 hrs.So even though #2 was somewhat shorter, it was in no way spontaneous or even as quick as I would have liked.I have also heard that the more babies u have, the faster they come.I am now 37w3d with my babygirl and dr says she will probably come before her due date of June 17 b/c again the more u have the sooner they come.At least that's what they say.I've never been induced and I pray I won't have to with this one, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference at all in the quickness of the actual labor.


Heather W - May 30

I had my 1st 4 days early...went naturally...about 21 hours . I had my 2nd..she was 10 days late, but my dates could have been off a bit, and went natural and about 15 hours o9f labor. My 3rd , my water broke and no contractions( after 1 month of contractions) so they induced me and he was born 7 hours later..1 day early. This one I am due today...NO baby as of right I will let you know!


Mysticmoon02 - June 1

Hello!!! I am 33 weeks along and I am on # 3 My first labor was 12 hours one day they stopped it and started it again the next day and I was in labor for another 12 hours until I had her. My 2nd I went into labor naturally and it was 6 hours long. Her head was sunny side up and it was mostly pushing {4 hours}


jenpreg39 - June 2

Hi, My first came at 38 weeks(may-8-03),water broke at 10 am on their own, and i started pushing at 3;00pm,and she was born at 3:30pm. My second was born on her exact due date(july-18-04), lost my plug at 12pm,the doc broke my water at 2:00, started pushing at 4:00pm,she was born at 4:08pm. Im now pregnant with my third,im 39 week and 1 day...we will see what happens with this one!!! Due June 8 2006.


melanie - June 3

Hi, Lindsey. My first I was induced at 38 weeks and labored for about 23 hours, then my second pregnancy I went all the way to 38 weeks exactly and then my water broke and labor started. I labored for 4 hours with them. I am now 39 wks and 2 days with this pregnancy and I don't even feel labor near. I was so sure that since this was my third pregnancy I would have had her by now, but I guess not. and since the second pregnancy was twins I can't really say how far I would have gone If I would only have had one.



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