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Girl Gilly - January 23

Here is another poll. I am running out of creativity so I apologize for some of the questions.....#1. How many weeks along are you?.....#2. Is the baby kicking/moving as you do this poll.....#3. Is the babies room ready to go?.....#4. Have you packed your bag for the hospital.....#5.Will you have a Dr./Doula/Midwife help with delivering the baby?......#6. What would you rather have to munch on right now Apple or Banana or Pineapple.....#7. Are you having a baby shower? Before or After the baby is born?.....#8. This question is one my good friend always asks....Who would be in your old man sandwhich. She chooses Bill Curtis (from A&E) and....darn I forget.....OH - Bob Barker from Price is Right (yeah, she is a little strange!).....#9. Favorite flavour of blizzard from DQ.


dwc - January 23

#1. 37 weeks..... #2. yes baby is moving great....#3. babies room is ready, all but crib....#4. yes, packed up ready to go, prob will still add a few things...#5 Dr. will deliver...#6. Pineapple...#7 Yes, had my baby shower this weekend, before baby got here.... #8. Don't really know on this one...#9. Oreo


Girl Gilly - January 23

#1 30 wks 5 days......#2 Yes, the baby is kicking up a storm....#3. The room is almost ready to go but we are having problems finding a dresser....#4. I haven't packed a bag, but have started ot obsess over what to put in it!....#5. I will just have my Dr. there.....#6. I would really like to munch on chocolate actually, So I chose D. none of the above!....#7. I doubt I will have a shower. I am not the type to enjoy them. I will likely organize one for my good friend though - I like to plan parties and stuff but don't like to be the centre of attention.....#8. My old man sandwhich would include Harrison Ford and Sean Connery..........#9. I like the Brownie Batter Blizzard ( when I order it i always say Brownie bladder!).


mel - January 23

#1 31 weeks, #2 yes the baby is hurting me right now! #3 room is ready, #4 haven't even gotten the bag out yet. #5 Doctor will deliver, #6 pineapple, #7 one before and one after, #8 I guess Sam Elliot or Sean connery #9 I never go to DQ.


Lisastar9 - January 23

1. 32 weeks today. 2. mine moved lots easrier now is asleep. 3. Yup my bed is always ready for the bed to sleep in except for the change pad on the bed. Baby's room what is that .I had one for my first and never used it my second was my room this one too. Changing station not ready yet. 4. Packed it in my head. 5. A dr will over see the delivery of this baby too. I am delivering not him. 6. Apple macintost all we have are spartians. yuck. 7. My third who knows what is coming my way. 8.. Don't know the answer to this one. 9. Don't eat blizzards.


Kel - January 23

1) 30 weeks 2) Not kicking at the moment, but she is making my belly b___tom hurt right now! 3) Yep! 4) Nope 5) Dr. 6) Apple 7) Yes, before the baby is born 8) Geez...not sure of the top of my head, there are so many cuties out there 9) I'll have to go with OREO


Beth - January 23

#1. 38 weeks #2. baby has the hiccups right now! #3. Is the babies room ready to go? almost #4. Have you packed your bag for the hospital not quite, my l & D and baby's bag are ready but not my clothes #5. Dr. will be delivering #6. Fresh pineapple sounds great! #7. I had a wonderful baby shower on jan. 7th #8. yes old man sandwich-that is a little too bizarre for me! #9. I LOVE the strawberry cheesecake blizzard...ohhh I want one right now!


Emmakirst - January 23

1) 29wks, 2) Yes, she's kicking as i type. 3) Not a chance it's ready, we still haven't decided where we'll put baby. (this is #4). 4) No, plenty of time for packing. 5) OB will deliver. 6) Pineapple 7) I have no idea if i'm having a baby shower, i haven't heard, and i am not throwing my own. 8) OOo old man sandwich, yikes, ok, sean connery is kinda hot for an old guy and maybe tom selleck. 9) brownie earthquake, YUMM!


To Girl Gilly - January 23

What type of a dresser are you looking for? We just wanted a nice, cheap one and I got one at Target (five drawers) on clearance for $70.00. It looks really nice. I had a hard time too finding a dresser so I was so happy when I found it! Beth


Annette - January 23

1# 37 2# Yes 3#He will sleep in our room (we only have 1 bedr.) until we move to a bigger apartment 4#Yes, but still need to buy a couple of nursing bras #5. Nope #6. Pineapple #7.I had one december 10th. baby is due in February #8. I would have a triple decker with Harrison Ford (although, I don´t think he is THAT old!), Paul Newman and Michael Douglas #9. I only had 1 blizzard from DQ my entire life and it was some candy bar.... Snickers, maybe, can´t remember, but it was good...


Mandi_Lin - January 23

I know I am on the third trimester a little early, but this looked like fun. 1. I am 26 weeks and 2 days. 2. My baby girl is just kicking away right now. 3. I don't have her room set up yet, infact we have packed so much other c___p from our house in there. 4. Nope haven't packed yet. 5. I have a Dr. 6. Pineapple I really hate bananna's. 7. We are having the babyshower before the baby, March 04. 8. I have no idea, I never thought about it. 9. I don't eat icecream.


Girl Gilly - January 23

To Beth. Thanks for the info. I live in Canada which means we do not have Target. I checked the other day at Walmart and they did not have anything I like. I was planning on taking a dresser from my parents - it's one my dad built when he was a kid (over 60 years ago). The only thing is that it is black and because it is sooo old it is likely painted with lead based paint. My dad is crazy busy right now to strip it for me and I don't want to do the work while pregnant especially wtih the lead component. So, we have decided to buy one. I found a really nice unfinished pine one at a consignment store but when I went back to pick it up it was gone. We will likely try and pick up a cheap one, but I would like to be able to use the top as a change table if possible. Thanks for the suggestion - if we had a Target I would check it out. My friend travels to Bellingham just to go to Target - she loves it!


Beth - January 23

Oh that stinks! I love target! I checked at walmart too (along w/ every other store) and they had nothing. must live in Vancouver. I live in a suburb of Seattle. If you get to frustrated I guess you could travel to the states!! Good luck


Marlene - January 24

1. 31wks 32 on friday. 2.he was moving while I was reading but not now. is staying in my room(1bedroom apartment)but its not ready for him yet. 4.bag is packed alittle it only has his stuff in it. 5.I have a dr. 6.granny smith sounds great right now. 7.yes a surprise baby shower i didnt want to know when but I told his godmother i wanted it sometime in Feb. due march 25th. 8.ok my old man sandwich would have brad pitt and george clooney-they are not old but I'm only 19 so they are old to me and they are hot. 9. never ate at DQ before


Ginny - January 24

Yay! Another fun poll! 1) 40 + 4 2) baby JUST stopped 3) Surprisingly the baby's room is decorated AND clean (which is amazing, because 4 weeks ago it was filled with boxes from the move) 4)Bag is packed and already in the car 5)Just dr, nurses, and hubby 6)Apple! I can'r get enough of 'em 7)I was blessed enough to have had 2 showers, and I just found out that my cowokers are getting something together 8)The old man sandwich cracks me up - I knew immediately: Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, and James Caan! (sp?) 9)Oreo!!! But I would break somebody's arm for any flavor right now!


karmon - January 25

#1 38 weeks...#2. yes he is moving right now...#3 no...#4 not packed can't get motivated...#5 doctor...#6 pineapple...#7 yes had it last weekend...#8 not sure...#9 snickers


Shawna - January 25

#1. 31 weeks.... #2. Yes, lightly moving low down, which is very rea__suring after a nightmare I had in which she died in utero.... #3. Baby will stay in our room, but our "extra bedroom" is cleaned out for when she transfers to it, yet not decorated or furnished for a baby.... #4. No, but I have been considering it! Still seems too early, though.... #5. A doctor will deliver her, since there were no other options on my insurance.... #6. I just ate a banana, so I guess I chose it!.... #7. Yes to the baby shower, before she is born, on Feb. 19.... #8. Old man sandwich? In a "relatively old" man sandwich I think I'd have Tom Selleck and Mel Gibson, although I think both are too gentlemanly to go for it!.... #9 Not really supposed to eat Blizzards now (borderline for gestational diabetes), but if I could, I would choose the "Strawberry Cheesequake" Blizzard. Big hunks of cheesecake..... mmmm.



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