Mood Changes And Feeling Sad Only Me

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sfrias - June 9

Hi girls, For the last two weeks I have been feeling very weird. I have a lot of mood changes and I feel that I want to cry. I am seven months pregnant and I am feeling without energy, very slow and having trouble trying to concentrate. I attribute this to the fact that my family is back in Spain and I feel lonely... I do not know... Any of you without a previous depression experience, started feeling this way during your third trimester. Thanks!


Taneika - June 9

Don't worry. I think what you're feeling is perfectly normal. This is my fourth baby, and I'm always very moody in my first and last trimesters. The second trimester is always best for me. I'm going through the same thing as you right now. My poor husband has been on the receiving end of the crying and/or yelling ;o) If you feel like you need to cry, just do it (even if you know that it's just hormones). A good cry always makes me feel better. Just hang in there, it'll be okay :o)


mary mb - June 9

i also felt like i was so lonely and moody but it is all worth it i just went through all that with my third child best of luck


yourtrish - June 9

You are NOT the only one. Since Monday, I've been hyper emotional, hyper moody and all around insane to be around. I really hope this is all tied to a shift in hormones and temporary. If anyone reads anything online about hormones at the beginning of your third trimester, can you let me know? I'm 27/28 weeks and really want to know if a) this is normal and b) how long can I expect this to last!!! I swear I was normal last week, now all of a sudden, I want to cry constantly and I'm super moody and easily agrivated...


ReneeM - June 10

YES! I went through the same thing around 28-30 weeks. I am normally an upbeat, happy person. However, around that time of my pregnancy I cried almost every night. I too felt so alone, like I had no friends or family close by. Bad thing is my parents and my best friend only live an hour away. And i talk to them all the time on the phone, and I have a wonderful dh. So there was really no reason for me to feel so alone, but I did. I also felt kind if hopeless like the pregnancy was never going to end, then I would feel guilty for feeling that way and cry over that! It lasted for 2-3 weeks, then I was better. I guess it was just hormones. I have been in a pretty good mood ever since, well until now. I am a little over 39 weeks, and at this point I am just excited and anxious to meet my little one! Good luck to you and hang in there. I hope you start feeling better soon and maybe this is just a hormonal phase of your pregnancy.


sfrias - June 10

I guess that you are right. It is just so overwelming... I am normally a very positive and energetic person. But now I take everything that my poor husband says personal. Everything would make me cry. Thank you to all of you for sharing your experiences. That does not make me feel so bad... something that I read is that women that tend to have pregnancy depression are at a higher risk of developing post-partum depression. Yourtrish, I read something about the symptoms, let me find the article and I will post it. From what I remember, feeling depressed is more likely to occur both during the first and third trimester. ReneeM, good luck with everything... your due date is very close!


sfrias - June 10

Below you will find the websites that deal with the issue of pregnancy and depression. My doctor always tells me not to rely on everything that is on the internet. That's the reason why I only put some websites that I think can be trusted. Also some academic articles... I hope this helps. For me, I have more information, but I feel pretty much the same.



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