More Confused Then Ever Haha

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jennifer_33106 - October 24

A while back I had asked a question about Birthing classes. Today I went in to see my doctor and he said he doesnt recommend the Bradley method because it tells you to concentrate on breathing. Well I wasnt so sure about the breathing methods anyways cuz I dont think ill be concentrating on breathing during L&D. He said he recommends taking the hospitals course. Well His nurse was supposed to give me the information but she says that he was referring to the Lamaze class. I thought that one was based on breathing as well? I need to sign up soon because they fill up fast if they are not already full. Does anyone know what he was talking about when he said the hospital course? Also he knows I wanna try to go natural and he supports me on that. I am confused and dont know what to ask for! haha. Thanks!


AngelinLuv - October 24

We're enrolled in a cla__s called "Getting ready for labor & birth" that is taught by the hospital. It focuses on what to expect, what might happen, and relaxation techniques. I wonder if your doctor was referring to something like this? We got a pamphlet when I was around 5 wks from the hospital with all our other info.


jennifer_33106 - October 24

Thanks! Actually that sounds like what he was referring to. He mentioned they would be teaching about what your body goes through and the what if's. Is that what the general program is called or just the name of that specific one from your hospital?


DeeD - October 24

I have seven kids and have taken several different birthing cla__ses. Bradley was by fat the most comprehensive and informative course of all of them. If you really want good informationa nd want to be prepared-Bradley is the course for you. Doctors do not like it so much because it takes the power from them and gives it to you. You will know every aspect of labor and delivery and probably more than you want to know-but you will be glad to have that info. It is not so much a breathing technique and much as a whole body technique. The best way to arm yourself for labor is with information. I would absolutely recommend the Bradley method. Good Luck!


lmk - October 24

From the statistics I've seen, 90% of the women who do the Bradley method end up having a natural childbirth. I didn't take the cla__s but I did get the book "Bradley guide to natural childbirth" and the first part of it compares Bradley to Lamaze. It criticizes Lamaze as encouraging unnatural breathing patterns, so I'm surprised that your Dr. thinks that it's Bradley that concentrates on breathing methods. Bradley really encourages being prepared to deal with pain in childbirth; I was pretty impressed with the book myself, as I'm hoping to have a natural birth.


jennifer_33106 - October 24

really!? Yeah thats why it surprised me when the nurse was saying lamaze because I dont wanna learn a bunch of breathing techniques ill never use. hmm maybe that is why he dosent recommend bradley. Dont get me wrong. My doctor is awesome and the best here but he does come off as having to be in control. He does support me in wanting a natural childbirth so that makes me feel better. I dont wanna write off pain relief because I may need it but am gonna do my best to go with out it. I remember people telling me that Bradley is the one that teaches the husband what to do and how to coach you during labor. He did mention that the main goal is to bring the baby into the world wide awake and healthy and that I have the safest labor possible. I wonder if he was confused or something.


Erins Mom - October 24

Your doctor must be confused because the Bradley method is definately NOT about breathing techniques. The give you one lesson. And it's this. BREATH NORMAL. Breath how you feel like breathing. Your body will tell you what to do. And your right, it's very much husband coached childbirth teaching different relaxation methods, proper nutrition and exercises to do to prepare yourself and your baby for labor. I loved the cla__ses and had a completely natural childbirth with my last birth. I'm going for another one this time using the same method. And Drs. do tend to feel threatened by this method as it is very much about the mother being in control, little to no interventions, and of course the goal is natural childbirth. Good luck w/whatever you decide, but I highly reccomend the Bradley Method.


Tammy276 - October 25

From my experience, I took the hospital course that taught certain methods of breathing, but once I got to the hospital, that all went out the window. It was so unatural to me and I just did what I felt I had to do, and did my own breathing method. It was a lot better than what they taught me. I thought most doctors recommend the Bradley Method.


emfine99 - October 25

I didn't do the cla__s and it's kinda late in the game for me to do it now. I don't think they offer it anytime between now and when my baby is born, but I have heard from everyone that the most important part is breathing.... so that just sounds odd to me!


Buffi R. - October 25

If you're planning to deliver at the hospital, and if you still have time to take the hospital course, I would recommend it, along with taking something like the Bradley cla__s if you want a natural birth. The hospital cla__ses I've taken only briefly touch on breathing techiniques. They also give you info on pain management (by medication) just in case you end up going that way, so listen to those parts with just one ear so you're not necessarily swayed, but so you're informed of your options. But I think the most important part about the hospital course is what they teach you about some of the non-labor issues. You'll probably get a tour of the maternity ward, they'll talk about the hospital's visitation policies, basic infant care, how the recovery process will go, what to expect if you have to have a c-section, etc. I think it's a good thing to take in combination with a true "labor" course.



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