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bellybubble - June 15

Hey ladies! I am an August mummy to be - first one - due August 9th - my question is - is anyone else feeling like their morning sickness is coming back? I have been feeling really horrible the last couple of days and it feels like I did at the start of the pregnancy? I feel fine otherwise, eating fine, etc etc but just curious as to why this would come back now? Could it just be crazy hormones or is it normal to get a bit sick feeling towards the end? I am 33 weeks and 2 days. Blleerggh - bring on 11th July when I finish work!! Hope everyone else is all good! :)


mjvdec01 - June 15

It is normal for morning sickness to return in the third trimester for some women- nothing to worry about, just a pain in the a__s. I am almost 35 weeks and never had that happen myself (due July 24th), but friends of mine had that problem.


amanda17 - June 15

My morning sickness returned during my third trimester also. It's totally normal just extremely annoying. I think there are some medications you can ask your doctor about, but I've never personally taken any. Mine went away again after a few weeks so don't fret :)


ironmama - June 15

as soon as the third tri started, like to the day, my morning sickness came back with a vengance... and my doctor says it's a combo of reflux/heartburn kinda stuff and the stomach being squished for space.... not hormones anymore like in the first tri. doesnt help me any but i thought i'd pa__s it along.... and my solution has been to eat small bits all day, cuz i go from a little hungry to ravenous to pukey in about 30 seconds sometimes.... so if i eat right away when i feel hungry sometimes i can ward off the pukiness. good luck!!!


sashasmama - June 15

Same here...I've had it the whole pregnancy, I'm almost 37 weeks and it's starting to subside now. Only comes back after I eat, ironically.


bellybubble - June 15

Thanks once again gals! Good to know Im not the only one hee hee!! I will definately try the small meals thing - maybe when i get to work I need to eat a small snack and see how i go - I have breakfast but by the time I get to work I feel sick again. I think peppermint tea might help to - it helps with my reflux - so will give that a go also! :)



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