Morning Sickness Returns

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DeeJay - June 20

I am about 29 weeks and for the past week I have been getting mild morning sickness again. I feel fine when I get up, and I eat and drink some juice, then about an hour later I get so dizzy feeling and slightly sick to my stomach. This last for about 2 hours, then I am ok. It has been every day now for a week. I tried eating different foods and I don't have any coffee untill after noon. I have a drs appt on monday and I am going to ask her, but anyone else feel this way. I end up staying in bed untill 9 am!! ( I usually am out of bed by 5:30 so 9 is late for me!) I guess this is just another "joy" of being pregnant.


mcatherine - June 20

I experienced the same thing at about 27-28 weeks. Although my doc felt I was ok, there were certain things he told me to look out for. Persistant vomiting and headaches mixed with nausea and pains in the upper right part of your abdomen can mean something is wrong. Make sure you mention it to your doctor, as they are still monitoring me closely. (I'm 29 weeks and feel a little better now). I hope you feel better!


Erynn21 - June 20

I am sleeping more also and am 29wks. I have also been feeling slightly nauseated, I never had m/s so this is kinda annoying, I don't want to take my prenatals anymore because that's when I feel the most nauseated, they are making me want to puke. I have been sleeeping about 10 hrs. a night, I just don't really want to get out of bed, but when I do I feel fine. My sickness is at night mostly. I west to the doc yesterday, but forgot to mention it.


moucheka - June 20

Yes, mine is back. I had severe sickness from day one to about 16 weeks, was good for a while then it returned about wk 29 (now 32). It is a real drag!


ARD - June 20

I had severe morning sickness from week 8 until week 19, and now I'm at almost 36 weeks and it returns every now and then. This time more so in the evenings and because of heartburn/indigestion. I have a lot more acid reflux it seems in these later weeks, so it makes me sick sometimes. And also, if my stomach gets the least bit empty I feel VERY sick...there's nothing worse it seems than being hungry and feeling sick at the same time. Do I eat or not? But, ALWAYS eat something. Keep something on your stomach. I found out the hard way. I also get nausiated when I get really hot and can't get cooled down. With temps here lately in the 90s (I'm from North Carolina), I pretty much stay inside or at least in my car. Otherwise I get so hot I can't get cooled down and it makes me nausiated too. Again, its not an everyday thing, and nothing like early morning sickness, but it is still annoying!!! Hope you start feeling better!!



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