Mother Nature Vs Medical Science

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Toya - April 12

Today I had my 36 week appointment and my Dr. told me that in 2 weeks if I was tired of being pregnant that they would strip my membranes for me. I can't believe that this method is actually an option before my due date. It's sad the way modern-day science is always attempting to interfere with mother nature's instincts...I'll carry this baby to 42 weeks if I have to...I don't like invasive techniques. What are your opinions on this?


PP - April 12

I tend to agree with you. I believe that babies will come when they are ready. That being said I may end up schedualling an induction 10 days early because my husband is in the military and may be deployed over my due date.


agreed - April 12

Couldn't agree with you more!


Jenny - April 12

I agree with you ladies. Toya, don't do it unless you are already 40 weeks. What's with this "tired of being pregnant" business? This coming from a doctor is shockingly scary! Just hang in there and enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy! Good Luck and hang in there!


Allison - April 13

I'm torn between both sides. I have the option to "negotiate" tomorrow with my doctor. I'll be 39 weeks. I really don't want to be pregnant anymore, but I hate to force a birthday on a baby. She tried to come at 34 weeks, but medical intervention stopped the labor. Why shouldn't medical intervention try to start it up again? A side effect of the Procardia they put me on is a prolonged pregnancy, so who knows how long my pregnancy will last. Also, there is absolutely nothing enjoyable about these last few weeks of pregnancy. I can't keep up with my two year old, I can't sleep at night, the babies head is on a nerve that radiates sharp pain through my v____al area everytime I walk. Still, I'm not sure if I'll try to wait the last 9 days and see what happens, or start "negotiations" tomorrow with my dr.


To Allison - April 13

Your situation is different, it might be in your baby's best interest if you are induced. Induction for your doctor's vacation-- don't think so. My friend actually agreed to that.


Kymmi - April 13

Well, although I do agree with allowing things to happen "naturally",,,,, there are times when modern-day science can be helpful in a__sisting mother nature. I mean, if the mother-to-be is in such discomfort why make her suffer??


Cindy - April 13

My friend was induced at 38 weeks and the babies lungs were not developed enough. I'm guessing they had the due date wrong? She felt so guilty afterward for not just waiting. I think I'll wait but now that I'm almost 39 weeks I'm getting really tired. I guess when you think about it another 1-3 weeks isn't that bad?


Toya - April 13

It depends on the pregnancy is "low-risk"...the dr's didn't help me conceive, so why do they need to help me go into labor? My body knows what to do and I believe the moment that I doubt my body's ability to go into labor on its own will be the moment when my pregnancy/labor will start having complications. I'm a strong advocate of letting the body do what naturally comes to it...I also believe in "thinking" things into existence...I talked to my anestesiologist yesterday and told him that I wanted to have my baby completely natural. The mind is powerful...and natural childbirth is not an unreachable goal.


Kymmi - April 14

Toya, I wonder,,,,,, have you ever had a baby or is this going to be your first??? I give you two thumbs WAY up for wanting to have the baby "naturally" (without the use of drugs), and if you actually succeed,,,,,,,my hats off to you. However, do not totally eliminate the idea of having an epidural because when that time comes,,,,, you may just change your mind.


Toya - April 14

Well, Kymmi...I can only speak for me and I can self-a__suredly say that an epidural is not an option for me. Once my mind is made up, I don't change it. Btw, this is my first baby. I'll let everyone know the outcome of my birth.


Allison - April 14

I went to the dr today and he offered to admit me into the hospital tomorrow afternoon (if he isn't too busy) and break my water to get things started. I discussed this with my husband and he "doesn't want to spend all weekend in the hospital". I'm so upset. If I don't do it tomorrow, my next appointment with the dr is next Thursday. I'll be 40 weeks then. I'm just hoping that it happens naturally. I don't know if I can bear another week of pain and exhaustion.


Jill - April 15

I have to agree with Kymmi about Toya, I think your in for a big surprise, Have you ever broken any bones Toya? Thats the only thing I can compare labor to but it hurts worse than that. So why put yourself through that pain for no reason. I'm sure after you have your baby you wont be back on the forum. You'll be too ashamed to admit you were wrong about that epidural


To Toya - April 15

I am surprised your doctor's manner didn't bother you earlier along. Normally you see that throughout the pregnancy. There is no reason you shouldn't wait, so wait. I went to 9.5 cm before I took the epidural. I had no problem having one and had planned to all along, but my labor went very well. In fact, they really did it at that point because they had to use something to bring her down, then those labor pains are not natural. She still took 3 hours to drop when I was fully dialiated. Go do it natural, girl, you will be so proud. Remember though, put your baby first. You may be having a c-section where you would have to or something else where they suggest it for intense pain, then don't let your pride get in the way.


Cindy - April 15

I know a lot of people that have gone naturally and highly recommend it. I watched my sister go through two different deliveries. For both she swore she would not get an epidural. For the first her pain was so bad (back labor) she asked for an epidural at 5 cm. For the second she made it to 9 cm. before she asked for one and her midwife got her through it without one. I watched her and she seemed to be in so much pain. Luckily she only had to push a couple of times. Afterward, she seemed very proud of herself and happy that she didn't get the epidural. Now she is saying that if she ever went natural again she would not do it without extra support like a doula. I'll probably get one but I'm not commiting to something until I'm in the situation. My due date is next week, yeah!


Allison - April 15

I did it all naturally with my first pregnancy. For me, labor and delivery was the easy part. It was the pregnancy that was hard. If you can keep in mind that the pain will be over soon, it may help out.


Toya - April 15

Cindy and Allison, thanks for your words of support!! My mother had me naturally and she's also been one of my main supports. I tend to agree with Allison when it comes to pain...It's temporary...Jill, I appreciate your concern about my perception of pain...but as for me personally, I can't compare the pain of labor to a broken bone, because I didn't feel any pain when I broke my left ankle and tore my ACL of my right knee that required reconstruction surgery...All I felt was anger for being temporarily forced out of, I don't consider broken bones painful..It's not physical pain that bothers's emotional pain. My mom actually told me that she'd rather be in labor than have a tooth ache. lol. So, I think women are VERY individual when it comes to their perception of pain and so for those who decide to have pain relief medication during labor...that's fine...and I'd have to say that for those who want to have a natural labor...that is fine as well...Women should have the childbirth experience that they desire and shouldn't feel forced to do it with or without meds...When I told my anestesiologist and dr. that I wanted to go natural, they were very happy for me and supportive...They told me that it could be done, and that I'm a great candidate for natural birth considering my age, health, and physique! Not a single one of them tried to advise me to have meds...So, I'm very blessed to have a supportive medical team in my corner when I give birth! If they have confidence in me, I should definitely have confidence in myself. I believe that perception of pain also has to do with fear...When a person experiences pain and is scared of the pain, the body immediately goes into a fight or flight response and so your blood leaves unessential areas, like your face and your uterus, and instead the blood goes to your limbs so that you can either fight or fly! Without oxygen from the blood reaching the uterus, it is very hard to carry on a natural labor. The more a woman knows her body and the more a woman informs herself on the subject of labor...the more prepared she will be. From listening to my childbirth cla__s, I discovered that a lot of women do NOT research labor...what can happen during labor...and what procedures dr's use in certain situations and why...and so they are totally unprepared ("surprised") for the experience...but anyway...I'm tired of typing...Not trying to write a book here...but ladies, do what feels right for you and remember that birth experiences are individual! :)



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