Mothers Need To Know What Is Happening In The US

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disneymommy79 - March 7

We’ll as most of you know about my 3 year battle with my ex and the California courts for my girls. After a lot of research I think this is something that all woman and mothers should be away of. It has just recently been brought to my attention that what has happened to me as far as not having any contact with my children seems to be happening all over the US. Mothers that have been staying at home , sole providers for there kids are having them ripped away buy the courts just because the fathers of the children go into court and ask for full custody of there children. I have to tell you some of the stories that I have heard when looking into this subject were unreal. Last year in the NY family court a woman had her 1 year old twins taken away because the father that had never even seen the twins went into court demanding custody and making false statements. The court sided against the mother without even looking into anything. Just like what happened to me. It has also been brought to my attention that it is very rare that woman get custody of there children only in a few states are they still listening to mothers. I think this is something that every woman with children must know and we need to fight for our rights as mothers and woman. And we need to protect our children . I have to tell you after being a stay at home mother and my kids being everything to me and to have this happen was absolutely devastating not to mention I question everything about myself and my right and my ability to be a mother. But now I do know that it wasn’t my it was just something that happened to me. Anyway If you would like to know more or read other stories about this epidemic happening in the US. Go to //


gina143 - March 7

Thats mesed up! Id be p__sed!!


Kristin11 - March 8

oh my,,... i couldnt imagine losing my daughter or my son (due next month). Disney i am not sure of your story but i hope everything is okay.


DownbutnotOUT - March 8

I know alot of it is c___p what they do to the mother's but its the cuorts trying to turn around and not be so hard on fathre's. My X SIL should have her children ripped away from her she is the WORST mother imaginable (I would never say that unless I saw and heard from my son all the horrid things she did). Though when my BIL, he is kinda a jerk but loves his kids and is a better father than her, the courts wont even give him visitation rights because she lied and her kids are currently around junkies and the courts will not do anything. I think the horror stories go both ways.


disneymommy79 - March 9

Its amazing to me that the court ignor so much and the kids sufer for it. It really makes me sick. I can only imagen what the US is going to be like when this generation of children grow up. All the problems they are going to have from the problems the courts have put on them. It's So sad. I cant tell you this much no one will every take my son away I will kill first. I just feel so bad and miss my daughters so much. They are almost 10 and 8 . If the courts would have asked them they would have told them that they needed there mother. :(


mommybabyboy21 - March 9

disneymommy I am california and now am terffied that my ex will take my baby away...he has never seen him and I don't want that happening could you give me any advice about this I would love it.



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