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J - November 18

I am 34 weeks and there are times that my baby is very active and then she has like a period of 3 days that she is not really active. It makes me so nervous. I felt her move last night but today nothing so far. I am worried and I don't know if I should go to the labor delivery and have it monitored or wait a little long and see if she starts to move around.


kaitlin - November 18

I understand your concern. I feel the same way sometimes. Try having a bit of caffeine or apple juice to try to stimulate her. If you are still concerned after that, no harm in getting some peace of mind - go to the labor and delivery room and have her monitored.


J - November 18

Thanks for your imput. I felt her move a little bit today. There are just days that she is nonstop and days that she is not active at all! Thanks for your support.


Ca__sie - November 18

There are days when my little one is pretty quiet, but I think our babies should be moving somewhat every day. If you feel no movement, then I would get it checked out. I know what you mean though... some days she is bouncing off the walls and some days she gets lazy. :-)


J - November 18

I have felt a tiny bit and she is starting to move a little more now so that is good. I tell you I am not going to stop worring about her until she is here and healthy. Good luck to you.


Lena - November 18

I'm 36 weeks, and my baby has started to move less. I've already read like 15 different pregnancy books, and it says that it's normal, because the space is getting so tight. Also they sleep during the day more, so you should check the movement every day from 7- 11 p.m, while lying on your left side, after drinking a gla__s of orange juice. Baby should move 10 times in 2 hours. My husband has been telling me that our girl moves a lot at night, but I'm so tired, I don't wake up, even though it wakes him up!



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