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bonnie1 - July 4

Hi, how many kicks etc should we be feeling at the start of the 3rd trimester.. is it 10 in 24 hrs or more?? ta


ashley - July 4

usually when they have you do kick counts its how long does it take for the baby to kick 10 times, but I feel my baby LOTS and like 10 an hour at least.


Mingill - July 4

I'm not sure if each doctor/hospital has a different way of doing it, but I was told to count how long it took my little nugget to kick 10 times in a 12 hour span. You can do the count whenever you want within the 12 hours and you just note the start time and the finish time. I think I have an overactive or a very bored baby because I finish my count in under 10 minutes. But every baby is different. My info sheet says that if you feel less than 10 movements in a day, no movements in 8 hours or you notice the pattern of baby's movements have changed from the usaual, then call your doctor.


sweetsouthernbelle - July 5

i guess everybody's doctor is different but when they started tellin me to do kick counts they said that the baby is supposed to kick at least 10 times over a 2 hour span...but um...i guess its just hope i helped more than confused you...good luck with your pregnancy!!


apr - July 5

I think those kick counts are silly. I have been rushed to hospital twice within my 33rd week. (I am 36 weeks now). AQnd all they found was my cute baby doing fine. I think its silly to have to kick counts, they get you nervous and I do find that my baby has some really active days and some other days that are much quieter. But if I do get a bit nervous, then I go and get monitored to put my mind at ease.


honeybea - July 5

my doctor told me 10 movements in a half day


mcatherine - July 5

My doc says 10 kicks in two hours during the active period and the rest of the day I should have atleast 10-15 movements.


sfrias - July 5

Bonnie, At least ten kicks in the spam of two hours. It needs to be counted in the morning and at night. Normally when you are resting. If by any reason you do not feel them, you can try drinking cold OJ. My baby always wakes up when I am eating ice-cream. I guess that perhaps bothers him that it is cold. In my case, when I am stressed I tend to feel him less. I do not know if it is because he does not want to "bother me" or because my own stress makes me forget about counting the kicks.


jenrodel - July 5

I have heard to count the length of time it takes to feel 10 movements - kicks etc. If an hour goes by and you have not felt 10 movements, have a drink or snack, or walk around for a bit and then lay down and try again. This seems like less time than everyone else has been told, so I'm not sure!


sophandbob - July 5

i have asked and asked this question to every person i come across at my surgery and hospital, and each person says the same. 10 movements in 24hrs. It is really hard to do tho. i have an anteria placenta (which I only just found out - wish they'd shared this with me at 12 weeks - then I wouldn't be so worried!!) plus my boy seems so lazy!! His heart beat is great everytime we check. Plus When i wake in the night, he is always moving then. he likes to play tricks with me I think! I can just imagine him say, "Oh for gods sakes mother - i''ll give you one more kick, then stop pestering me - I want to rest!"


ashley - July 5

Let me clear the issue up for every one how about. I got my faithful refrence book out (my maternal/neborn nursing book). This is what I learned in nursing school and I am refrencing my book: Fetal movements detected by the mother are often called kick counts. the well-oxygenated fetus moves frequently. the fetus with compromised oxygen supply conserves energy with fewer movements. Daily evalutation of these movements porvides additional data from the fetus in the context of other a__sess____nt techniques. Count fetal movemnts for 30 minutes three times per day. Further evalutation is recommended if fewer than 4 movements occur in 30 minutes. Count fetal movements daily for 1 hour. If fewer than 10 movements are felt, continue counting for another hour. Few than 10 movements in 2 hours should be reported to the doctor immediately. Another method is to count the first 10 movements and noting the time of day when the 10th movement is felt. The doctor should be notified if the 10th movement occurs progressively later and later or if fewer than 10 movements occur in 12 hours.


Tanna - July 5

My Dr. has always told me 4 in an hour. Drink something sugary, lay on your left side and start counting. I guess every Dr. is different.


bonnie1 - July 5

thanks guys for the rea__surance, my midwife said last night 10 kicks in a 24hr period



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