Movement At 32 Weeks

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Jennfier - July 13

What kind of movmenet do you feel at 32 weeks? He seems to have some days that are slow and then some that are very very active and I get concerned on the slow days anyone expierenced this?


apr - July 13

All the time!!! I am now 37 weeks and I have been having that since I was 32 weeks as well. Up until then the baby was active nearly all of the time. I even went down to teh hospital twice because I was so freaked out, and guess what, they told me the baby is fine. Yesterday for example I also had a really quiet day, so I went down to the clinic and got myself monitored, and hey presto!!! Baby didnt stop moving... I was shocked, and the doctor nearly threw me out hahaha!!! Listen, its very normal, and I have it at least twice a week, and the day after is usually very active by me... but if you want to rest a__sured like I do, just go and get urself monitored if you can just to put your mind at ease, or of you want you can try what I was told to try,( not that it always helps if you are so nervous about the baby not moving, that when you do feel this little something you think you are imagining) drink and eat something sweet and lie down on your left side. Another thing which I do which usually helps, haha (no doctor will ever tell you this, but I tried it out myself and it worked) I poke my bellyb___ton, and baby gets all angry and starts jumping around. Its real cute!!! Good luck!!!


Erynn21 - July 13

I am 33wks and I am having the same thing, sometimes my little girl is all docile then I swear the World Cup is going on in my stomach. I also get these spazzy, jerky movements from time to time. My doc. said it's completely normal, your baby is sleeping 20-40 min an hour so that's also time for the baby to be quiet.


Jennfier - July 13

Thanks!! I try not to worry but I can not help it. I suppose I should trust that all is well



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