Movement Of Baby Decrease

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Jennifer - January 22

I am about 28 weeks pregnant and noticed that my baby isn't moving as much as it did a month ago. Is this because the baby is getting this normal...anyone know??


Jessica - January 22

You need to keep some sort of log - as in, how many movements do you actually feel a day? My dr. told me you should feel ten movements a day. At 28 weeks, your baby shouldn't be slowed down because of less room yet. I'm at 40 and still feel alot of movement, it's just more squirmy than kicky. No matter what you should definatly tell your dr.!!


Jessica - January 22

That wasn't meant to freak you out - everyone's different, and you have to keep in mind that babies have sleep and wake cycles just like we do. If you haven't felt movement in awhile, try drinking some orange juice, and see if that stirs anything. Like I said - don't panic, but definatly don't b__w it off as nothing. On the miscarriage board there are many woman that noted less movement, and ended up losing the baby. If something were wrong though, and caught early on, a baby born at 28 weeks, will do just fine with extra care in the hospital.


Angie - January 22

Jennifer, I think everyone is different. My baby slowed down alot at 28 weeks and then again at 30. I'm in my 33rd week now and she is going strong. It is normal. My doc told me to do fetal kick counts if I was worried. Eat a meal and go to a quiet room. You should feel 5-10 movements (not necessarily kicks) with in an hour. If you don't call your doctor! Hope that helps to ease your mind. I think you're fine.


Daytona - January 22

I am 29 weeks..and my baby has been moving around alot more then usual.


Rachael - January 23

I asked the same queston last week (t_tle Kicking getting less. Also see last weeks q on another movement question), and it seems pretty common. Do keep a close eye on it though. Baby will sleep a lot now, so as long as you feel several periods of movement a day, try not to worry too much.



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