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eli83 - April 14

I am 33 weeks pregnant and my baby used to move alot. suddenly he stopped moving, It's been 12 hours that I only felt one kick.I am so worried . my question is when should I really worry about this situation. should I go to hospital now or should I wait till my next appointment to see my ob? I really appreciate if you answer this as quick as possible.


Nora1 - April 14

I wouldn't necessarily worry, but I would call the dr. and see what they have to say. I know that sometimes they will have you do a kick count.


eli83 - April 14

Thanks for replying. The bad thing is she doesn't work on Fridays and Saturadys and Sundays. My next appointment is on Monday. I can't wait that long. I don't know what to do.


tlew - April 14

Same thing happened to me and I went straight to the hospital. If you are really worried you should go to the hospital. try one more time drink or eat something with surgar. try giving your tummy a little jiggle. when in doubt go to the hospital. let us know how everything goes. good luck :)


Nita_ - April 14

Eli83- doesn't your doctors office have answering service? Most offices do and during my 1st trimester I was spotting and i called them around 10pm one night and the midwife(who was on call), called me right back to check and make sure everything was ok. I would call them or better yet go to the hospital if you are really worried.


eli83 - April 14

my husband thinks I worry too much. He doesn't want to take me to hospital. Mens just don't understand women. Maybe I should wait till tomorrow, hooooffff


Tillie - April 14

I wouldn't panic yet. I have a really active baby and sometimes she has very quiet days. If it were me, I'd drink some juice or hot chocolate and wait a few more hours.


livdea - April 14

call and see what they say. Your dr.'s office or the hospital ER will definitely have an OB on call and they can answer your questions and advise you what to do. That's what I'd do if you are very worried. At the same time...some times I don't feel baby too much either...depends on the day. Good luck and keep us posted!


Tess - April 14

Im 35 wks today. What Ive been noticing lately is..during the day I would feel her stretching inside my tummy (moving) but not kicking or poking like I used to feel b4 (b4 32 wks) Then during the night shes wide awake.....(after 9p usually)



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