Movements To Low

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ree - May 17

Hi I am 29 weeks and was wondering if it is normal to feel the baby moving so far down. I can feel a lot of movement down low and when I say low I am talking about my side ending and going into my leg. I hope this question makes sense to someone. Thanks


Maddie - May 17

I don't know about movement in my leg, or side!...but I can feel my baby move WAY down low, pretty much where my pubic hair would start. I think it's just cause i'm carrying low. Also, when he hiccups....I feel the twitches really low. If you're feeling it on the side or in your leg, the baby might be pinching a nerve, and that's the movement you may be feeling. Ask your doc, I'm anxious to know also.


monica - May 17

i am also 29 weeks. I do sometimes feel the baby moving very low. but just up to the pubic bone.


ree - May 17

Thanks for the responses and I can't actually feel the movement in my leg either, just trying to explain just how low I felt the movements. They were down a little futher than where my pubis hair would start. It was in the left side very, very low.


Heather - May 17

I am 28 weeks and I have never felt any movement above my belly b___ton even know my uterus is way up there, Is this normal?


Sarah - May 17

Up until the 28th week I never felt any movement above my belly b___ton, and only felt kicks down low by my pubic bone. To my surprise the baby was head-down at my check-ups. Lately, I'm beginning to feel movement all over, espeically above my belly b___ton. I don't get it either.


Sharon - May 18

It all depends on where the baby likes to lie, it doesn't matter where you feel the movements low or above belly b___ton. Ree, I used to feel all below belly b___ton and way down in my groin area where the baby used to sit on a nerve in my leg join and I couldn't walk properly. As the baby grows it needs more room so I am feeling movements all over my stomach at 37 weeks.


sarah - May 18

im 25weeks,and i feel a lot of movement low down,i said to my husband,im sure this baby will be breech!! i told my midwife my concern and she a__sured me that it is perfectly normal to feel the baby low down,and that the baby will kick more further up as the weeks go by.i hope this has put your mind at rest ree.


ree - May 18

Thank you Sharon and Sarah your responses helps a lot. Sarah that was my concern that the baby would be breech or was dropping to early!!! Thanks a lot, have a wonderful day



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