Moving In With 2 Cats

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Monica - August 7

My boyfriend and I are going to be moving in with my mom, it will be a month or so before my due date by the time we move in. She has 2 cats though and I just wanted to make sure that there won't be any risks involved when I move in. They are outdoor cats so there is no litter box, and I will probally have the doors closed to the 2 rooms I have so the cats won't be in there either (allthough I'm sure there will be times they get in). I have a slight allergy to pets, but I have lived with them quite often and just get 'imune' to them after a while. Do you think there is any risk of harming my baby in any way when I move in?? Any answers/advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!


Jamie - August 7

Call a vet, or talk to your doctor. I've recently heard a radio broadcast where a vet advised a woman not to let her cats anywhere near her baby for the first month of the baby's life.


Maleficent - August 7

i wouldn't worry about. if you are worried then take jamies suggestion and talk to a vet or a pediatrician. anytime you have pets around a baby you have to be careful, but i don't think cats are any more risky than dogs or *gasp* toddlers. (now there is a tricky situation.)


Jbear - August 8

Maleficent, you are so right about toddlers! I can't quite imagine how I'm going to get my daughter to leave her new sister alone. As far as cats, I had two cats when my daughter was born and we never had any problems. They sell net covers for the crib that keep pets out, too.


Monica - August 8

Thanks for the replies. I'm not too concerned with the cats physicaly hurting the baby (scratching), just that I heard they can carry a disease and I wasn't sure if it was just something in the litterbox (there won't be one there) or if they cats carry it themselves.


Justine - August 8

Monica - I'm sure your baby will be fine. I have a cat and you are just not supposed to change the litter tray because of toxoplasmas - good excuse not to do it for me! Once the baby is born you'll need to keep the two cats and baby supervised in the day and seperated at night. I'm not worried apart from the fact I think my cat will think all the babies things are for her - especially its bed! I'll have to hide them all.


KrisD - August 8

I have two cats now - and they are are whole life (sadly!). I wouldn't worry too much - as you said, there is no litter to take care of and that is the major concern when you are pregnant!


hey Monica - August 8

you are worried about toxoplasmosis, since they are outdoor cats they are probably carriers--thats the bad news. the good news is there is no litter box. toxo is found in the feces of cats, so since you guys dont have a litter box you have little to worry about UNLESS you like gardening. the cats you have a are probably pooing outside in the flower beds or sand box these are the areas you need to be careful. if you do garden or just like playing in dirt wear gloves and wash afterwards you should be fine! I have two indoor/outdoor cats, the one is scared to death of little people. i think due to a tramatic event with children. the other could careless. he seems all to bored with the whole situation.


Monica - August 9

Thanks everyone! :) I feel much better.



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