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Amy - February 20

Hello. I am 30 weeks pregnant. I will be 31 weeks on thursday, the 24th. I woke up this morning with some really bad pains. I then had the urge to go to the bathroom. When I wiped, there was a clear stringy glob. I thought could that be my mucous plug? I tried to not let it worry me until later in the day each time I wiped, i had a lil bit of clear stringy stuff. I ended up calling my doctors office and the nurse said that it did sound like it was my mucous plug. She said that everything is fine as long as I did not see any blood or any other kind of color. Well, I am still wondering after doing some online searching, could I go into labor soon due to losing my mucous plug? I just do not know what to think or what to do. I have had some minor pains and cramps all day off and on, and some slight pressure down there, but baby is moving good. Do I need to be cautious that labor could start anytime? Please help. As I said, I do not know what to do or what to think. Thank you:)


Karen - February 20

All the literature I have read states that losing your mucus plug can occur as early as three to four weeks before delivery...but it could also be indicative of signs of labour. There are several other posts on this forum that discusses the mucus plug. Each woman is different. It is likely best you speak with your doctor, particularly if you are experiencing minor pain and cramps along with pressure. Best of luck.


Amy - February 20

Thank you Karen for your input. I appreciate your reply. I have had so many things go through my mind about this and I am just so confused. lol. I guess maybe my hormones and my head tryin to get the best of me huh? lol. Once again, thanks for your reply. I go to see my doc tomorrow so I will be sure and talk with him then for sure. Atleast I will not have the pressure of not knowing what to do for long huh? Anyhow, thanks again and take care.


BabyGirl - February 21

Amy - > Hey! Well with my first i lost my musocus plug 2 days before my waters broek and i had my daughter! But mine with tinged with blood... Just askk your doctor ! GL :)


Lyn edd 8th april - February 21

hello im 33weeks 3 days at around 31 weeks everytime i went to the toilet and wiped i had a small blood colour and then 2 days later got pains with it so i went to the doctor and they did an ultrasound ect and the docotr did an internal and said that he believes it was a show i had the light cramps and slight bleeding on and off for 2 weeks it has all stopped now the doctor alos said that my cervix was starting to mature and slightly open too....... the doctor said to me i could go till full term but being my 3rd and thing progressing so early i have more of a chance of the baby comming a bit earlier but its just a matter of waiting and seeing....... i never had the stringing gooey stuff but as karen said every woman is different .......not sure if any of this helps but i just thought i would share this with u .....good luck


Chan - February 21

I lost my mucous plug at 36 weeks and didn't deliver until 41 weeks!!!


Amy - February 21

Thanks everyone for your imputs! I really appreciate them. I have one correction that I need to make though. I am 31 weeks will be 32 weeks on thursday. I went to my doc today and all this time I thought he was going by may 3rd. lol. He is going by april 29th. Just wanted to get that cleared and also, I did for sure lose my mucous plug. So, I am not wondering anymore if that is for sure what it was. lol. I guess that everything is ok. He just told me that I lost my mucous plug and that the baby was getting low. That we are both doing just fine. So, guess we will just wait and see what happens. Thanks again everyone!!!!:):):)



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