Mucous Plug Poll

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Mandi - January 27

I am posting this out of curiousity. How many of you have lost your MP this pregnancy? How far along were you? What did it look like (sorry TMI)? Have you delivered? If you haven't did it grow back --- did you lose it AGAIN??? For those of you who have had babies in the past --- When did you lose your plug? How far along were you? How long after losing it did you deliver? Myself and another February buddy have established that there just aren't enough STATISTICS out there on birth/pregnancy/etc... WE WANT ANSWERS (LOL)!!! It seems to us that women have been delivery babies for centuries, and with the onset of the internet, don't you think that there would be more NUMBERS.....real NUMBERS....not just opinions, maybes, you get my drift. So this is MY MP POLL!!! Have fun with it please!!


SG - January 27

I lost my mucous plug at 38.5 weeks about 3 days after my doctor gave me a membrane sweep. It was almost golden yellow in colour (light brownish), not quite green but definitly mucousy and thick. There was no mistaking what it was. I lost some of it first thing in the morning when I went to the bathroom, another bit later on that afternoon and then the rest which was about 3x the amount as the day before, first thing the next morning. I am now in my 40th week and still waiting even though everyone swore to me that I would be going into labour within days of losing my plug. I was 11 days overdue with my first child and I never did lose my plug (that I noticed). My water broke on its own when I got to the hospital and I a__sume I lost my plug at that time. I'm glad you are doing this poll because when I lost my plug I searched every site for information and I didn't find anything useful. Sometimes TMI is good :)


Leslie - January 27

I lost mine at exactly 33 weeks. I had what felt like a pretty severe period cramp, when to the bathroom and there it was when I wiped. It was greenish/yellowish/white with a thick, stringy texture, about the size of a quarter. My doctor said it was probably disturbed by having s_x and that labor could be the next day or still a month away. He said to watch for any signs of bleeding but otherwise it was normal and not to worry about it...I'm 35 weeks now! Good poll!!


mel - January 27

I don't think there are any hard numbers, because it seems EVERY woman is different. with my first baby, I lost mine the night I went into the hospitol to be induced. they put cervidil on my cervix to soften it up and around midnight that night, i went to the bathroom and there it was when I wiped. greenish/yellowish/brownish. only 31 weeks and still got this one...thankfully.


Mandi - January 27

Sad thing is that I have even searched for pictures on the web of the INFAMOUS MUCOUS PLUG (hey, that could be a band name LOL)....I figured that they have pictures of everything else under the sun, why wouldn't someone have posted a pic in the intranet of the old MP.....God I love the names of things when we are preggo "mucous plug" and "membrane sweeping", OMG what's next???


shelly - January 27

I lost mine at 36 1/2 weeks. I had just went to the bathroom and went into the kitchen when I felt alot of wetness in my panties. I went to the bathroom and there it was!! Mine just looked like a big hunk of snot, when I wiped it out of my panties it did have a greenish tint. I'm 38 weeks on sunday, I lost it about 8 days ago. I went to the doc today and I'm 1 cm. dialated and 75% effaced, so hopefully he'll be coming soon!!


Emy - January 27

Did you ladies find it in your underwear or did it fall in the toilet when you went to the bathroom?


photo - January 27

here is a photo (delete hyphens except for the one between mucous and plug)


AM - January 27

Now that I have seen that one......I'm hoping I don't see my own! Yucky, yucky! I'm 37 weeks, 1 cm 25 % effaced with my second and counting down. I was induced with my first so I didn't see that one either.


Mary - January 27

Eeeww. Now I really don't want to see mine.


Sharleen - January 27

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOmg! that is so gross! I hope my hubby doesn't look back in the history and check that one out! I actually lost mine 2 weeks ago at 33 weeks. I found it at my first morning pee on the toilet paper. It was a yellowish white stingy snot looking thing, about the size of a half dollar. I had lots of cramping along with it and was very worried I was going ot have the baby early (this is my 4th child) but now, today, I feel like this pregnancy is never going to end! I lost my plug with my 3rd child in the shower. It was sort of like the picture/link we all saw. And it was like 5 days later I had my son!


Mandi - January 27

Funny thing is that in my searching I found that site and no picture would load....d__n thing looks like a slug after pouring salt on it (for those who did these sorts of things when they were little).


Sharleen - January 27 right!


Sam - January 27

I can't even bring myself to look at the picture. Too funny. SG: I have lost mine TWICE now. (I guess it "grows" back if you don't go into labor within 48 hours of losing it. Both times were after the membrane sweep, once at 38 weeks and again at 39. It happened about two days after each time. Obviously, losing the plug AND the membrane sweep have not worked for me. I'll be 40 weeks Wednesday and am super upset about the thought of going overdue. But it seems there's not much I can do. Anyway, both times, mine was on the TP after wiping. Big, globby, brownish/reddish snotty looking. Yep, pretty disgusting. I can't imagine what that online photo looks like! ICK!


Mandi - January 27

Sam -- yep, pretty much how the pic looks. TO all --- I have had alot of discharge, but nothing that has blood in it...just more of the typical leukorrhea stuff.


C - January 29

First preg, not sure. Second preg, about seven days before birth, at about 39 weeks along. Third preg, about six days before birth, at almost 37 weeks along.


C - January 29

I forgot the gross part, lol... Second preg: Pea sized blob (sure there was more at some point, but didn't notice it) that looked like clearish yellow caulk. Third: Thin discharge, but when wiping it off it came off in yellowish strings, looked like snot. A couple days later lost little roundish pieces that looked like blobs of yellowish snot. One thing I noticed, is it can't easily be smeared, it either 'strings' or stay whole. Sorry, but you asked, lol!



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