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christi - December 25

iam 37 weeks and for the last to weeks ive been discharging clumps of jelly most probably my plug but i was wondering how long will that last ? seems like the jelly is never gonna stop


Kelly - December 25

Its funny, because everyone talks about how within 30-40 weeks along they just start discharging a type of mucus. Everyone claims the posibility of it being the mucus plug is highly likely, however I've been discharging as far into my pregnancy as I can remember. Unless I start to do some bleeding, I don't think I'd be able to tell whether I lost my mucus plug or not. So although I dont have an answer for you, I'm just as curious myself. I'm 37 weeks along as well, and by the pains I've been having I'll be lucky if I last another week.


kerrie - December 28

hiya this could be ya plug but probably not as u can lose sticky like jelly discharge late on in pregnacy its due to ur body getting ready for the birth and the change in ya hormones i lost my plug at 32 weeks as i went in to prem labour , im now 38 wks and im now losing wats looks to me like the same as my plug just without the pink in it it looks more like snot like wen u have got a cold lol if u know wat i mean lol but i wouldnt worrie it happens to the most of us just remember that if it starts to smell or feel sore to see ya doc i hope this helps and good luck .


Christine - December 29

It could just be discharge I suppose..but since you say jelly like that makes it more sound like your plug..I too have had increased discharge since early pregnancy...but mostly that discharge is whitish/might stain panties as a yellowish tint...normal...and if your losing your plug well thats nothing to worry about either so it really does not long as it is not a constant drip(this could be your fluid, which usually is clear or cloudy, or a sudden gush) then you are fine..some woman never notice losing their plugs...some woman have some blood along with thier plug...also normal and a good hint to what is going on...dont worry are almost there good luck



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