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Ashley - November 11

this is my first prgnancy and i am 34 weeks and i have had some dicharge the last 2 days ,is this normal?


klm - November 11

discharge is normal, the mucous plug is more substantial, gelatin like and can be colored with blood streaks or not.


Cher - November 11

Yep - get used to it:) I am 40 wks and have been wearing panty liners now for a few weeks. Lots of fun!!


Jackie - November 11

I have been wearing a panty liner since around week 20. As long as its not blood, your fine.


mommie - November 11

Yup totally normal to have discharge, as long as it doesnt have an odour, or doesnt make u itchy which can mean infection and as long as there is no blood in the discharge then it is all normal, comes with the joys of being pregnant, take care


... - November 11

i have so much discharge and it is staining my underwear. is it normal to stain? sometimes i will go to the bathroom and there will be a little (flattened) clump of white discharge. it's weird.


this is wierd - November 11

this is probably tmi, but the other day when i forgot to wear a liner, the discharge actually discolored my it had been bleached!!! what????


Sam - November 12

Will the discharge thing stop after you had the baby. or does it stay always?


Swtpea - November 13

Hi ladies. I can say that for a while I had to wear a pad as well, occatoinally depending on what I will be doing I wear one. Mine though usually happens in the morning time, I wake up go potty, sit for an hour maybe go potty again and I have "leaked/discharged" quite a bit. I dont know if its 'cause it was all built up from laying down at night or what? lol. And yes its normal to have a spot that dried leaving a "clump" area... it just dried out and you didnt really have any other discharge since. I believe... my doctor said the reason for "leaking/discharge" is pressure around that area and everything that has been going on up in there... so yes, it will go away. Keep in mind it may be a couple weeks or so after the baby until you've "recovered". Everyone is different. My cousin had a natural v____al birth and it took 2 months before the doctor released her for work. My mother, when she had my brother, was up and working with in one week. So give yourselves time =o). However, like mentioned above, if it has an odor... thats not a normal smell for you, or if there's blood, or if its making you itch you should call your doctor and get yourself checked out.


mom to be - November 13

does your discharge have brownish or pink or red in it if so go to the drs , go rad the t_tle of wiping blood at 34 weeks it explains what happen to me :) take care



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