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ladybug - June 22

i was wondering when do you usually loose your mucus plug? im due this sunday and nothing is happening as of yet. i havent had any braxton hicks or real contractions or anything unusual im just really uncomforable. i look for the slightest sign everytime i use the restroom but nothing. is it possible im loosing tiny bits at a time and not noticing or will i not loose it at all and just go into labor?


Nita_ - June 22

I've been wondering the same..i'm due on monday. I've noticed an increased discharge lately and my panties seem to be constantly damp...not sure if that's just normal this late in pregnancy. Also, I think i noticed a white jelly kinda discharge few days back on TP....not quite sure what it was!


ashley - June 22

ive been loosing bits and peices of it since 32 weeks. No blood in it as of yet, so it hasn't completely dislodged. Mine has been really think "snotty" looking discharge. Its slightly yellow at times some times clear. My doc said its normal to loose bits and pieces and actually to some extent yoru body can replace some of it. But to me its noticable. Because I wipe and its there. good luck. Are you effacing or dialating yet?


livdea - June 22

I went to the dr yesterday, I'm 37 weeks, and he did the routine internal and all that, no big change for me and girly. Anyway, I mentioned to him about loosing my mucous plug because I haven't seen anything at all. He said it was already gone! Since I was dialated he could stick his finger up there with no problem and that I'd already lost it. I told him I never saw anything and he said for some that it dissipates and is just a clear mucous/watery discharge that isn't much different from regular CM. So, that made me feel better because I've been looking for mine!! So I'm guessing you've lost yours and didn't even know it! Hope that helps!


Nita_ - June 22

Guess I've lost it too as bits and pieces!! I'm 2-3cm dilated my midwife told me yday at my appt. And here I was looking for a nasty looking thing to dislodge! Lol!


haymay - June 22

That last few days before I went into labor I had a lot of leakage of clear fluid, I thought maybe my water was leaking, but my dr. said it was just an increase in discharge...I mean sometimes when I would stand up from sitting I would feel the fluid trickle out, I really had thought my water was leaking...but I didn't lose any of my plug until the day I went into labor, I wiped and a huge glob of what looked like bloody snot (sorry to be so graphic!) came out...I had already been having contractions for about 5 hours at that point...then later that evening, another 5 or so hours later, I lost another huge glob when I went to the bathroom...I showed it to my husband to try and prove to him that I was in labor and he freaked out at the sight of blood and wanted to get me to the hospital right away! LOL



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