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Tink - October 5

maybe just my wishful thinking......i am 35w3d, big baby they say- although no weight guess yet. i have a cervical check yesterday (my third one in the pregnancy- including one last week). and i am now 1cm dilated. she said nothing about effacement, but he is head down and moving into position. do you have to be effaced before you start dilating? anyways- i have had some whitish discharge all along, and it was tested for infection and was normal. today, i have this greenish/yellow tint to the discharge and a really really small speck of red/blood in there too. Mind you, i am talking tiny amount of blood, just a speck barely. anyways- the last 3 times i have wiped, i noticed what almost appeared like a green booger---lol- i know gross, but best comparison i can give. again, very small, not a huge glob or anything. could this be the beginning of losing my plug slowly? i know they say it can often happen after an exam? i know it doesn't mean labor is right around the corner, but at least it could mean some sort of possible progress. just curious. it just makes me excited that the end is near and gives me hope to keep holding out these last few weeks even though it is miserable! lol


ahay - October 5

That is totally normal after an exam. I wouldnt worry about it. I bleed and have mucous after an exam and I am still preggo. However you can lose your plug within weeks of labor and it will reconstruct itself. BLOODY SHOW means progress.


josie4 - October 5

That sounds like bits of your mucous plug. I just started losing mine today. It was a thick, snotty looking, greenish-white blob (the blob was not small, but not big either). I'm also slightly dilated and the baby is head down. Your definitely getting closer, but it could still be weeks away. I'm 35 weeks tomorrow, by the way.



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