Mucus Plug Color

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39 wks & counting! - November 4

Does the mucus plug always have to be tinted brown or red? I believe I am starting to loose mine because it has been so thick and so much (about 1 &1/2 tbs at a time), but it is only yellowish in color. Has anyone else experienced 'no color'?


KM - November 4

I haven't lost mine yet, so I can't say for sure, but I would think that what you are experiencing is the mucus plug, and I wouldn't think it would have to be tinted with blood. It could be your cervix thinning tho, and not your plug, sometimes there is blood when that happens but not always.


sammie - November 4

what happens next after losing mucous plug?


KM - November 4

well you can loose it hours, days, or even a few wks prior to labour. But it is usually a sign that labour is on the way eventually lol.


Christine - November 8

Your mucus plug does not have to be of can be just as you have described..and you can lose it weeks before you go into labor...just keep an eye on and leaking fluids...usually when your plug goes this means labor and delivery are right around the corner...good luck


Rika - November 11

39 wks & counting: I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has had some sort of discharge like that. I swear that I've lost some of my mucous plug - it was like light yellow gelatin or gliserin (sp?). And the first time was at 34 weeks and more just discharge a couple of days ago at 36 weeks. I get BH contractions often, but haven't kept track of them yet. I go for my first internal tomorrow. (Due date December 7) so not sure if labor is imminent or not.


Christine - November 12

Rika...your dates dont match up if you are 39 weeks and your due date is not until December they have your dates correct?


Tabitha - November 14

no, it may just be a cloudy clear type color, you may not even notice losing it because of the increase in v____al discharge throughout pregnancy.


Rika - November 18

Sorry for the confusion - I'm not 39 weeks - I was responding to "39 wks & counting". I just went for my 37 week appt on Tuesday past and the doc said that I'm 1 cm. I know it's not something to get excited about, but at least I know things are starting. IS losing the plug something that everyone notices or can you pa__s it and not even know it?


KM - November 18

some women wont notice. sometimes you wont lose it till actual labour


Tricia - November 21

I just lost mine, or part of it, and it was thick, mucusy and tinted green. I am 34 weeks and a little concerned...however my doc said not to worry about it and to go about my daily life....even intercourse is saposed to be safe....but I am skeptical.


chrissy - November 28

i understand you i am 35 weeks on tues and i have had lots of discharge my underwear is always wet and it is yellowish and white even clear some times i dont know if its my mucus plug or not but i have lots of back pain my doc said hell enduce me before christmas if i want cause i am due jan 4 and i have a 4 yr old and i dont wanna go in on christmas. any one have any advice


AP - December 5

With my first child, it was yellowish, no blood, and he was born less than 48 hours later. This morning I noticed the same thing (I was due two days ago)... again, no blood, but I'm pretty sure that's what it was anyway. You know your body well enough to know normal (or even increased) discharge from the mucous plug. Good luck!


Amy - May 8

I just started losing mine over the past 3 days and mine is thick and yellowish and snotty. I am almost 36 weeks.


lacey - May 8

I starting losing, what I believed to be my mucous plug three weeks ago. I was sure labor was near, but I am overdue now and still no contractions. My doctor said it is from my cervix. As the cervix thins out you lose mucous. . . I wouldn't get to excited about labor, but it does mean your cervix is preparing itself for the big day.


Jan - May 8

I did this morning. I wasn't sure what it was. Not to sound gross but it was very thick and stringy. It was like a light yellow color with no blood at all. Do you think this is the plug?????


Lyssa - May 8

mine was brownish. I lost it at 10:45 p.m., went to the hospital at 3:00 a.m. and had the baby at 6:00 a.m.



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