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Kelly K1187 - February 14

i'm 38weeks pregnant and just lost my mucus plug about 10mins ago...but i dont think i lost the whole you usually lose the whole thing at once?..and does it mean that im gonna go into labor soon?...i'm hoping my son stays in my belly until friday when my hubby comes home from korea...i dont want him to miss the birth! im hoping i didnt lose the whole plug or anything yet.....has anyone ever lost there plug and then went into labor right away? and do you lose your whole plug right away or just a little bit at a time?..this is my first pregnancy so im not to sure about everything


HopefulK - February 14

Hi Kelly, I'm 30 weeks pregnant and yesterday I lost a bit of my mucous plug also. I spoke to my midwife and she says its ok to loose just a bit, some women do it all some bit at a time. It also does't automatically mean your going into labour, just that your body is preparing for it. At your stage, I wouldn't be surprised if its sooner rather than later though. She told me to look out for things like bleeding and cramping and pains in the tops of my legs or leaking. So watch out for it and be aware but don't panic, it doesn't mean its gonna be immediately so hopefully your little man will stay put until friday. Good luck.xx


ejmeskan - February 14

KellyK - this is my first baby- but my sister has had two. She lost her mucous plug 2 weeks before delivery with her 1st child and 1 week before with her second- I hope you can hold out. My husband is supposed to be in China near my due date and I am doing everything in my power to keep him here!! :) I told him to tell his boss he doesn't have an option but i am not so sure that will work! Good luck- only 2 more days!


DDT - February 14

Losing your mucus plug is no way to judge when you will go into labour. Some women start losing their mucus plug in the 2nd tri but it can regenerate itself. You don't always lose the whole plug can come away in chunks.


ShaunaLeigh - February 14

ive been pregnant three times (on my third now) & when you guys talk about a mucus plug, im lost... idk what it is or what it looks like, & feel totally stupid...



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