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Natpink - February 6

I'm 36 weeks pregnant, and as far as im aware i haven't lost my mucus plug yet, but just wondering what i have to look out for, what does it look like. Thanks you for any input.


mellycat82 - February 6

Hi Natpink! Well Im 31 weeks along and cant waitfor things to start happening! A very good friend of mine went into labour a week ago, she told me that 2 days before she went into labour she lost her mucus plug. She gave birth at 36 weeks. She said it looks like snot...(Sorry about the description!)ha ha it can be slightly brown or even clear, it can also be stained with blood because it is the plug that protects the cervix. The cervix is rich in blood vessels so dont be alarmed if you do see some...xx goodluck!


DDT - February 6

You can start losing your plug even during the 2nd trimester but it doesn't mean labour is looming. The mucus plug can "regenerate" itself, and after losing your plug you can still go for weeks before labour. The mucus plug has been described as snot-like, stringy, gelatin-looking, and being yellow, white, clear or greenish. Sometimes it can come out all in one go and sometimes in small globs/pieces. Sometimes it may come out as just an increase in your discharge. It doesn't always have to have blood accompanying it. When there is blood its called a "bloody show" and from what I've read and heard if you have a bloody show you can expect labour to occur soon.


Natpink - February 7

Thanks very much for your comments, looking at what you have described it as, i think mine is starting to come away in small amounts, its just when i went to the toilet only this morning, i looked down the toilet and there was a glob of green down the loo, sorry far tmi, but at least i know what it is now. thanks again.


DB - February 7

I lost mine the morning I got induced (40w2d). I thought I had been losing it before that, but once I saw the real thing it's unmistakeable. Mine looked like an off white gelatin-like glob. It came out in 2 globs. It looked different from other cm.


b__terflies - February 8

Natpink - I am in my 38th week and I am almost sure that mine came out this morning. It was definitely different than CM - very slimy like snot and then a big glob (sorry TMI) of off white stuff. I am freaking out because everything I read says labor will probably start in the next few days, and my sister confirmed the same (she just had her baby 10 weeks ago). I am not ready!!



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