Mucus Plug Whaaaat Dilation Whaaaat HELP

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paul - September 25

okay hi everyone. i dont know what a mucus plug would even look or feel like so how do i know if i've lost mine? when i go for check ups they never tell me whether or not im dilated whatever that is they dont measure or anything. is there a way i can check myself? how do you tell if you're effaced or engaged what do all these things mean??!! Please help i feel like a pregnant Dumbo!!


nelly - September 25

Hi pregnant dumbo!Just kidding:) well the mucus plug is very sticky like glue and it looks like bloddy snot sorry TMI anyways I always wondered what it looked like to and I knew when I saw it. I had a little bloody discharge too. It can vary in color from bloody to pink to clear and yellowish but you should know when it happens. My first pegnancy I never lost it and well she was almost 2 weeks late and I guess I lost it during labor or when they broke my water. Do they do pelvic exams and dont tell you anything? If they do then that is strange. Mine always told me my progress even if I did not have any. I have never checked myself so I dont know about that. You will have alot of pressure when the head is engaged and that means things will happen quickly. When your effaced your cervix is thinning and I have never checked myself the doctors always told me. If they are not telling you ask them. How far along are you and are you having any changes in how you feel?


Amanda - September 25

Mine looked like a light yellowish/pinkish chunk of jello -- insist that they check your cervix at your next appointment.


paul - September 26

thanks for the responses last thursday they told me i was 38 weeks so i guess by this thursday im 39 weeks, duh they havent put their hands or anything inside to check since like a month ago and when they did that they didnt tell me nuthin...will ask next time im at the clinic. thanks!!!!!!!!!!



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