Music Selections For Labor What Songs Are Good

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Cassie06 - June 29

I just finished packing my bags for the hospital and planned on just taking my cd holder in from the car, but then I thought maybe I might want a cd made just for this purpose with more soothing music. Did anyone make their own cd and what songs did you put on it?


marie - June 29

I posted a question like this like 2 mos ago. The responses I got varied. The usual suspect is Cla__sical (i.e. Mozart, Bach, etc.). Then there were also songs by Enya. But someone also suggested to have upbeat songs just in case your mood changes. I downloaded songs to my IPOD and its a mix of cla__sical to upbeat songs.


Mingill - June 29

I don't have song suggestions, but we just talked about this at my prenatal cla__s. Our teacher suggested you take anything that helps you relax (be that Yani, Cla__sical, Nature sounds or whatever, just as long as it works for you). I don't know if you plan on using relaxation visualizations or not, but also music that will help you visualize a nice calm place, maybe a trip to the bahamas, what songs do you a__sociate with that? She also suggested some more upbeat music, whatever you listen to when you're feeling down and want to get pumped up, as our teacher said "Whatever makes you feel like a rockstar". So have fun going through your collection and downloading and it's your choice, whatever you think you want, besides come the big day, there's always the skip b___ton.


Rebekah B - June 29

My husband wants to play Rocky on the DVD player... Not sure it's so relaxing, but funny at least.


haymay - June 29

I had planned on some cla__sical music for relaxing, but I couldn't stand noise when I was in labor, I didn't want anybody talking or moving things around, definately didn't want any music.


Steph - June 29

When I was in labor with my daughter, I wanted to watch tv...not listen to music. Watching tv gave me something to focus on.


Kara H. - June 29

I have two cds depending on my mood. I have one to help me relax which includes cla__sical, adult contemperary, and lullabys. The other which my husband made for me has fast, upbeat music (and some funny ones) in case I need some motivation. It includes Push It by Salt and Peppa, Eye Of The Tiger, Nookie by Limp Bizcuit and a few others.


marranie - June 29

I cant imagine any music that would be soothing during labor, i think a cd player would end up in little pieces partially embedded in the wall if i had one near me during labof, but if i had to pick i think i would go for the soundtrack from Rocky for the final stages... hahaha... i just read Rebekah B's post before hitting ths submit b___ton... i think her hubby has a fair idea that labor is not 'relaxing' but hard work, lots of blood, sweat and groans. :-)



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