My 3D 4D Ultrasound Pictures

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Amy - November 21

I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with my little girl. I had these done this past friday... Take a look...


Michelle - November 21

Those are so neat!! I have never seen the 3D/4D before! Congrats on the little cutie!


mom to be - November 21

i would love to see that but for some reason i cant get to the it just me can u repost the link again pls


L - November 21

Just delete the dashes from the address and it should work. Those are amazing! I am having one on Friday, and now I am even more excited!


Emily - November 21

You are lucky you got such nice pictures and your baby cooperated. My baby was head down facing toward my spine which is the worst position for it to be in for 3D/4D pictures...there wasn't enough room between his little face and the uternine wall for any good pictures. They tried everything. We still had to pay too. I am a little discouraged, but it was great to see what technology can do! Congratulations and I hope everyone else has good luck like you!


Amy - November 22

Thanks guys... I added pictures of me and her daddy can anyone tell who she looks like? I can't :(


dew - November 22

Don't you love 3D!!! I got them of my baby boy. I'm glad I got to see yours because I thought all babies look the same before they are born, but my baby looks very different from yours. by the way she is so cute. she looks so girly!! I cried when I got mine, you probably did too. My son was peaking around and trying to hide but your daughter was a bit of a ham. maybe she'll like her picture taken when she comes out (smile). anyway, I'm happy for you and your boyfriend. I can't tell which she looks like, you guys kinda look alike, but your a cute couple. at least you know that nomatter who she looks like, she'll be cute!! good luck and god bless.


Lilly - November 22

Your baby girl is precious!!! So adorable, just out of curiosity how much did that appointment/ ultrasound cost you, or did insurance cover it?



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