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JADE - December 17

Hi Ya, i just thought i would let you ladies know i went for a 4D scan on wednesday and it was mind blowing. i am 29 weeks pregnant and found out i am having a little GIRL. It anyone is thinking of having one done ill be happy to tell you what it was like. Don,t get me wrong it does cost alot { my hubby paid for me £250 } but it was so real and i saw her open her mouth and hold her legs ect. As XMAS is coming up i thought it would be a great Xmas present for a family member to buy you. It's well worth the it. If anyone does have one done plse let me know.


to Jade - December 17

How long did it take to get the 4D done? Do they print it out that day?


to Jade - December 17

I've heard unless you need it done for severe medical problems, that the risk of the 3D & 4D output to your baby's health far outweighs the benefits of being able to see your baby a few weeks early (that is, you'll be seeing your baby in two or three months anyway). Personally, I'm going to have some patience & save a bunch of money rather than put my child through quite possible harm.


Julie - December 18

I had one done too and it was very well worth it! It took 30 minutes and they printed me pictures, gave me a cd-rom, and a dvd of the whole session before I left! Well worth the money.


. - December 18

why does no one listen? Look, think of it as a cosmetic procedure as opposed to a medical one. Have some patience, or risk your baby's health. Or is someone going to tell me "oh, everything's harmful these days. I just want to see my baby's face two months early for several hundred dollars"? Well, guess it's your baby, not mine. But I'd think again.


Chris - December 18

I have had 2 3-D's. I did not ask for them my dr. just did them because he said my ultasounds were so good on those 2 visits and he wanted to play with his machine. I did not get charged for them either. In what way are they harmful? I had not been told this before.


to . - December 18

where is your resource coming from. i don't think drs would do it if it posed harm to an unborn baby. that's like saying a dr would tell you sure go ahead and drink and smoke and hell why don't you throw some drugs in with all of it too.


Ashley - December 18

My doctor has told me that the ultrasounds are not harmful for the baby. Now maybe if you were getting one done every week, I'd see where that could be bad. But one ultrasound, which I might add is an amazing thing to see in 4-D, is not going to hurt the baby. And anything you read that says it is, is just opinion. There has been no evidence to prove it is harmful. But I don't think anyone should try to talk other moms out of this amazing experience, and criticize others for wanting to do it, just because they don't think you should do it. This post was simply someone telling about there experience in case anyone else was interested and would like to have one done, she was willing to share...not for everyone to come put there 2 cents in on what they think is right and wrong.


okay - December 18

You're delusional if you think that doctors aren't susceptible to good PR, propaganda, & even plain ol' advertising. What are they? You get a little piece of paper for lying prostrate to the sponsored, inst_tutional powers that be for seven or eight years, & you're superhuman? Yep, the emperor wears no clothes. Actually though, they allow themselves to be even more hoodwinked than their patients because powerful corporations (including, but not limited to pharmaceutical companies with #1 lobbying power, by the way) take 'em out to fancy dinners & buy 'em season's tickets to baseball games. Telling me they're not affected by that would be just like telling me y'all aren't affected by the adverts featured during the Superbowl. "Oh, they're just entertaining... I don't actually want to buy that stuff." Right. That's why those companies are spending millions upon millions for a cheesy 30-second spot. Okay. My doctor's word is not gospel, that's for d__n sure. Oh, and nice try. I'm not catering to your laziness: Do the (simple) research on 3 & 4D ultrasounds yourself. Although I suspect you're still going to believe whatever bs will let you see your baby a whole two months early, no matter the consequences.


JADE - December 18

Gosh what can i say!!!!! Like Julie said it took about 30mins and i got 8 black/white photo's, then the rest in colour and frames. i also got a cd-rom and 20min DVD. I got all that within 10 mins of waiting for it. Thanks for your answer Ashley, i was only letting other mummy's to be know about my experience. It was worth it and every penny, i didn't thing having this done would cause harm to my baby. The way i see it is when she grows up and i throw her a great 16th birthday party i will be able to show her what she was like inside of me. And of course show her boyfriends if she ever has any!! 1 more thing before i go, to whoever . is HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF STILL BIRTH? Don't get me wrong i don't want any harm coming to my unborn child but a friend of mine was told her baby died inside her when she was 38weeks gone. I can always look back on the DVD and she my little girl looking so happy.


Lyla - December 18

Okay "." I think your presence on this particular thread is finished. We all understand and GET what you are saying, we just disagree. And that is okay for us to do that. I also think you getting yourself so worked up to continually post negative and very mean stuff to this site is harmful to your child. It is fine for you to disagree and state your opinion, but enough is enough. Don't try to continually push your opinions and beliefs on others who are perfectly capable of doing their own research and making their own decisions. To Jade ~ congrats girl! I don't blame you for the 4D scan. A good friend of mine had several done (her doc had a machine) and her little one turned out perfectly fine!! Don't let this meanie succeed in making you feel like a bad person! I am sure she isn't doing absolutely everything to the book!! Hypocrites, hypocrites!!!!


Lory - December 18

I personally believe that 4-D ultrasound saved my baby's life. I am almost 39 wks pregnant, and at my first ultrasound at 20 wks, they detected something wrong with my baby boy's brain. They gave me a long list of "possibilities" (downs, trisomy 18, etc.) and the option to abort. BUT, I chose to have them take a more extensive look at him with 4-D. It is much more accurate at diagnosing these things. Come to find out, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my baby besides very slight fluid retention in his brain which will probably resolve itself they said. I have had these ultrasounds every 2-3 wks since 20 wks gestation to monitor his condition.l i havwe even participated in a research study specifically for this condition, and they perform the 4-D ultrasounds my states (NC) leading hopital for children. One of the best in the country. Why would they do this if it was dangerous, or going to cause mt baby more harm??? I have done my research on this....extensively. Here is part of an article I found......... An increasing volume of literature is acc_mulating on the usefulness of 3-D scans and the diagnosis of congenital anomalies could receive revived attention. Present evidence has already suggested that smaller defects such as spina bifida, cleft lips/palate, and polydactyl may be more lucidly demonstrated. Other more subtle features such as low-set ears, facial dysmorphia or clubbing of feet can be better a__sessed, leading to more effective diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities. The study of fetal cardiac malformations is also receiving attention. The ability to obtain a good 3-D picture is nevertheless still very much dependent on operator skill, the amount of liquor (amniotic fluid) around the fetus, it's position and the degree of maternal obesity, so that a good image is not always readily obtainable. More recently, 4-D or dynamic 3-D scanners are in the market and the attraction of being able to look at the face and movements of your baby before birth was also enthusiastically reported in parenting and health magazines. This is thought to have an important catalytic effect for mothers to bond to their babies before birth. .......Well thats my opinion. I would say go for it!


D~ - December 18

OMG, I feel so sorry for JADE who was only trying to post something nice and something she was extremely proud of. Please, ladies go post your negativity somewhere else!


Lory - December 18

I hope that that wasn't directed to me. I am ALL FOR the 4-D scans!! Like I said, I think it saved my baby's life. I was responding to the posts from the lady who seems to think that 4-D is extrememely harmful and we are jeapordizing our child's health......just not so! I am so proud of this too JADE. I love to show off my baby''s pictures. I think it would make a great XMAS present, card, etc. I framed several of mine......


Lory - December 18

sorry, *extremely*


D~ - December 18

Lory, No, this was not directed towards you at all. I was directing it more towards the other ladies that had nothing positive to say about JADE'S post. I thought your post was very sweet.


This is silly - December 19

Wow this is a crazy thread. I had to go to a fetal monitoring clinic because I was measuring so far ahead, they wanted to do another U/S. While I was waiting I met a young lady who gets an U/S once a month because she's high risk. And guess what, they do 4D. The entire U/S is not 4D. I even asked the tech if it's harmful and she said it wasn't harmful unless the person doing the U/S was not trained or if they're done constantly. Personally, I dont see a fetal monitoring clinic hiring someone without a degree (thats what they do all day, ultrasounds) and if you're doctor wants one constantly, then you need another doctor. I didnt have to pay anything out of pocket becuase it was ordered. But, I think if you're going to get one for keepsake purposes, I would check with your doc first just to make sure the place you're going is recommended. And to "okay" about the marketing, most of those machines are now 4D. It's called technology in medicine and it's growing daily. Just think of what our ultrasounds would have looked like 20-30 years ago? You should be happy that we're advancing to the point where we can find problems with our babies and even perform surgery when our children are still in utero. Nothing was wrong with my baby and I would do the 4D all over again if I had to. So ladies, nevermind the jealousy on here becuase some people cannot get a 3D let alone a 4D for reasons unknown.



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