My Ankles And Feet So Swollen

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nounou159 - March 6

Hi ladies,i am 38w 3d and my ankles and feet so swollen i cant walk or stand even i feel pain when i put my leg on the floor,i know that i will find many of you in the same boat because its normal in the third trimester especially at the last weeks,but what i want to know what is the reason of that and is there any way to ease my pain and to minimize the puffiness,like is there any kind of food i must stop eating them......thanks a lot


jessica72 - March 6

Two of my friends became very swollen with their pregnancies and basically the best cure was delivery. They returned back to normal about two weeks after their baby. But to help a little, they drank lots of water (basically being swollen means you're retaining being well hydrated actually helps!) and avoiding too much salt. My friend would eat Chinese food for lunch and swell up like a balloon afterwards. Also try to put your feet up a lot and wear some support stockings.Now that it's cold, you can get away with some cute tights and that will help. You're almost there! :)


nounou159 - March 6

thanks a lot jessica72 for your respond


Cevvin - March 6

Lower your salt intake, and make sure to let your doctor know about your extreme swelling. Dont want to scare you but thats one of the major things they look for with pre-eclampsia.


jessica72 - March 6

Your welcome sweetie Good luck! :)


Carly67 - March 7

I am right with you, I will be 36 weeks on Friday and I was just telling my Dr. that my feet have not swelled at all and he told me don't worry they will because as the baby gets bigger he puts pressure on some vessels that cause us to swell. It is not because of what we are eating and if it was preeclampsia it happens much earlier in the pregnancy from what I know. This is my fourth child and I remember it with my first, the next two I think I was too busy to remember much but with this pregnancy I am swelling in my feet and ankles all the time, some days worse than others. Just one of the joys of late pregnancy. We are in the home stretch.


nounou159 - March 7

thanks a lot for all of u ladies


HoneyB - March 9

Ugh, I've been in the swollen ankles/feet club since about week 24 or so (I'm 34 1/2 weeks now). It doesn't help being in a warm climate! I find that sitting in one place for too long will make my feet really swell up quickly. Slowly walking around and laying/sitting with my feet up are the best prevention. Even then if my feet are swollen it takes more than a day of rest to bring down the swelling, and that's not happening these days! There is too much to do on the weekends to stay off of my feet and during the week it's impossible to do that and teach at the same time, so I'm just living with the swollen feet. bleh.



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