My Baby Felt Like She Was Jumping

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margie - November 14

have you ever felt like your baby is literally jumping inside of you up and down fast?? oh my gosh i felt that last night before i fell asleep it was so wierd, i dont know if she was in a cramped position and she was trying to make a bit of room, or maybe she was just having a good time in there? who knows it was a kind of neat feeling though. it almost worried me for a bit as i always do about things...but realized im sure that its just a new little trick shes learned.


treshala - November 14

I have definately felt my baby doing something. i described as you know how swimmers have to flip and kick off with each lap?? it feel like my baby is doing that lol :) i was worried at first too :) they are little gymnast huh :) how far are you ?


margie - November 14

im 34 weeks now, she is getting to a point that i can tell she is squished in there because her movements are changing. yesterday i barely felt her at all and it scared me a little...but today i have felt her moving around more again, but it still just feels different than it was, not as many kicks but more pushing kind of feelings.


DaBonkElsMe - November 14

Margie, that's totally normal, I'm 36 weeks and now when my lo moves I feel like he's pushing out against my front and sides and he just sort of glides across as he rolls over. I can tell when he's trying to stretch b/c I feel it everywhere at once and then that'll stop and he just seems to be rolling around for abit. Poor little guys, it must get uncomfortable for them near the end too!


chloesmommy22 - November 14

im 38 weeks now and my little girl kicks so hard that you can literally see her foot imprint on my tummy. when she rolls my belly looks like a huge wave.i enjoy watching my belly to see all the movements she makes.


Tory1980 - November 15

If the movements are fast and somewhat repet_tive then it is more than likely the hiccups - they feel different the further on you get, almost like mini jumps. I just laugh when the baby gets them but I shouldn't as it is always after I have drank something pretty cold and pretty fast!


evae777 - November 16

the movements for me have become painful since i am so pet_te. but it is def amazing to know that the baby is active! Margie, how the heck are you anyways?? has the situation at home gotten better?? i didn't want to take over socurbaby's thread so thought i would check up on you on your thread :D glad to see you back...



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